July 13, 2015 – The Ice Cream Lady

I had the most fun dream last night.  I think it all started with the Slickers Ice Cream yesterday.  In my dream I was at Wendy’s Farm Market and told them I wanted to be the ice cream lady there and they did not have to pay me as long as I could make ice cream cones for kids who wanted them.  Yes I know that is weird. So in the dream I was there selling ice cream and the government guy comes along and asks Wendy what they are paying me – “Nothing, she just wants to be the ice cream lady so we let her’  The guy did not want to believe her since they figured I was being paid under the table.  But he could not figure it out and finally went away after we swore I did not get paid.  What we did not tell him my deal with Wendy – in my dream – was that in exchange for letting me sell ice cream I took home what ever veggies the two of us wanted for the week or berries.  Sounds like that job would make me very happy, don’t you think?  Social, cool, friendly people and fresh food. Greater deal there couldn’t be.

Went to Tai Chi today.  I really love doing it and after two weeks I always need help remembering the moves.  There are a few spots I get totally lost in after a break.  I like the people there. Again, friendly, nice people to hang out with.

Had drinks at Murphy’s and saw Brenda’s photo album, there were pictures of me in there up in Ossining. Don’t think I spelled that correctly. oh well. looks wrong but might be right.

Tried to put together the shelves I bought on Saturday. Darned annoying.  It was missing pieces and parts of it was broken. I have to take a trip to Gan to return it and I am thoroughly annoyed.  Cheap new stuff. Guess I am going to the antique stores and see if I can find a wooden bookcase.

Blue Armed Forces Air Letter / handwritten No1 + No2 ordinary mails received 12 July / postmarked Field Post … / No 8

Dr + Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Monday June 26, 1944

Dear All (7)

I seem to be doing alright in writing eh this is the 3rd day in a row – Who said I couldn’t write letters.

Yesterday being Sunday, I really appreciated the sleep. I got up for 9:00 Mass, then crawled right back in till dinner time. Worked till 7:00 and then went to a place called Kingsburg Cottage for a chicken dinner with 5 of the other nurses and had a good feed.

The part we miss most here are restaurants, there just aren’t any place like the Sup. etc and you have to reserve places like the Cottage about 4 days ahead. Jack Hughton, who I met at the dance, picked me up after dinner, and Ernie Burt, a friend of his, had to go on some business to 2 towns near by in a station wagon, so Jack and I went with him. We saw about 20 miles of English country, I was so pleased.

We stopped at a Pub and really what an experience. We went in and all these English people, men dressed to kill, men in sports clothes and people in rags, it was so much fun. Beer served in real beer mugs out of barrel kegs and the talk of them it floors me. Then we went to a village where the house still stands where Nelson was born and the church he went to , which had been there since 14th century and never been bombed.

You drive around and people go across the street to the village pump for water, really it is a beautiful country, but Ontario’s prettier I think. We stopped at an English Hotel and had a talk with the manager and they are all so gosh darn English. I could die I really could. It is a scream, from beginning to end.

Mary Doyle went on nite duty. Poor Doylie she always gets nights – Remember the first nite at K.M.H. she seems to always get them.

There are alot of very interesting cases here and I enjoy working here alot, but unfortunately there are no Canada Camps near us only English, but so far I like Jack Hughton very well, so he will fill in for the time being. I have not got little Mary or Sheila birthday presents yet but shall try to some day soon — I hope I can get them something nice but so far any store here are like Tweed or Gan – or something, very small town stuff.

Love and Kisses
N/S S. O’Connor C.A.O.

Lord Nelsons Birthplace – Burnham Thorpe Parsonage – so now we know where Sheila was and where Lord Nelson was born.

BURNHAM THORPE PARSONAGE (Nelson's birthplace)


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