July 12, 2015 – Yes I am a wonderful partner

denis at sydenham race

Sometimes you just decide to do something because it is the right thing to do.  This morning was an example. I hate getting up in the morning and worse yet having to go anywhere. But at 6am this morning my eyes shot open and I thought 15 minutes until the alarm goes off. So I lay there with my eyes closed until the alarm went off, I got up and turned it off and then climbed back under the covers but knew I was going to get up.  Yes I did it.

And I drove to Sydenham and got us there is good time so Denis could pick up his race packet and get himself ready to run 10 kilometers.  Me, I just had to get myself ready for the start and be there for the finish.  There were tons of bike riding folks who were going to swim, run and bike in various combinations.  I think there were more kids running the 2K than adults running the 10 K or the 5K.  Once he was off I wandered over to the stands where the finish line was and sat myself down near three little kids who would be entertaining to watch as we waited.  Turned out they had a sibling running the 2k and their mom was running the 10K. Dad was helping with support in various ways and he might have been a tri-athlete in one of the later competitions.  The youngest kid was very cute and was trying very hard not to fall off the stands although he finally did take a spill.

We all cheered for the various runners as they came by. I had found a place in the shade which was very comfortable. There was a breeze and it was very pleasant.  The runners we could see way off on the trail were going into the wooded area so we were told they had some shade as well. But it had to be hot out there.  In the end it turned out that Denis came in first for his age group and he got a special ribbon for it.  We did not stay for the random drawings so he might have gotten something else but he obviously wanted to just get going.

We drove by a back road to Railton and then down to the Limestone Creamery for scones that they make there they melt in your mouth.  But we also decided to have them at home and have Slickers Ice Cream there.  OH my goodness, it is the best ice cream. Locally made in Prince Edward County.  I had a raspberry chocolate that was to die for.  I could have eaten it all day. If I lived near there I would be broke all the time with the goodies they have in there.  As I was putting the garbage away the woman working there was taking homemade chocolate chip cookies out of the oven.  The smell attacked me and flowed over me and my mouth was watering.  I could not get the smell out of my head for quite a while. Just so good.

Then we stopped by Roads End Farm to say hello to anyone that was around. We got to say hi to Leah, Caius and Aiden.  Turns out Kent was down at the water and knew someone was up there but figured we would go down.  Wrong, so we missed saying hi to him. Later this summer I am sure we will run into them again.

Once we got home we ate our scones and then both of us fell asleep. I was out on the deck and Denis finally laid down in bed. It was getting too sunny out there so I came in but finally decided to make a couple of phone calls to wake myself up.  That worked. Denis set up the hummingbird feeder and before we knew it there was one coming near by. Took it some getting use to before it actually lighted on the feeder.  I just love them and hope we can keep them coming so the little girls will get to see them as well.

Dinner was kind of pot luck as a way to clean out the frig. Not my mom’s kind of meal where everything would go in one pot and she called in Thursday night stew.  That was terrible. This was various bowls set out and left over meats carved and set on one plate.  The frig looks much better and my tummy is full.

Tomorrow will be another painting day and then in the afternoon I am thinking of going down to the beach to visit with Brenda.  I am not sure I even have my bathsuit here. I may have left it at home this last trip. Oh well. Guess that shows how excited I get about going swimming these days.

So now lets see what Sheila is up to in England and if she has found her sister yet.

Envelope: Canadian YMCA –Spirit –Mind-Body /

handwritten 26 June / postmarked Field Office / C.A.O. /-June 26, 44 / handwritten No 8 /
Addressed: Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston, Ontario / Canada

26 June ‘44

Dear All:

Well I’m settled and stationed at No 13 and once again joined the bunch. There is Doylie, Mary Kennedy, Frances Bluie, who Dad drove from the hospital to her sisters on Barrie St. – remember – she is from Madoc, Barbara Green, Mona Lindsay and myself, so we are a good bunch again.

We arrived 4 of us to the 13th on Thursday, 22, and we were so tired about 3:30 in the afternoon, we washed, had tea and then talked, talked, talked.

I’ve written Patt my 4th letter to-day, so hope sooner or later I get some kind of an answer from her. By the way send me Hugh and Ed Gibson’s address, also Aunt Bessie and I may be able to see them some-time.

I am enjoying it all very much. We went on duty Friday, and it was certainly queer, as we hadn’t worked in so long and in a different place etc. but I got along.

Then in the evening we took a bus and went to 2 little villages and they are so different from what I expected, and still I have to pinch myself to really believe I’m not still in Canada but actually in England. Queer isn’t it.

Then Saturday worked till 4:00 then had tea and slept till supper. The meals are very good here , really exceptionally good for here.

Then there was a Mess Dance which we were invited to and I had a real good time. I was with a Lab tech a Jack Hughton. Interesting but unfortunately not the right Jack eh.

The dance was a lot of fun and seemed to introduce us right into the swing of things, but as everyone says, the man situation is really something now as they are all over there.

The mess is very nice, quarters are nice too, but due to security, I can’t tell you size or location or anything like that, so I shall have to tell you —– after the war is over eh.

I received 2 letters from Mum written to Debert 1 at the end of May and one right after little Mary’s birthday party, so glad you all had fine time.

I’m very glad you like and have my picture, I also am awfully glad you gave Carmel one. I don’t care which kind you send Jack, one or the other will be fine.

I can just imagine how awfully nice Eileen’s apt. must look now and I can just see Jane crawling down the street to see Grandpa + Grandma. She is so sweet.

I’m glad Mary got my little parcel O,K, as I wanted her to have one.

I am on duty now, but we really are not too busy so no one objects to mine writing this but I guess I might close, shall write often, and miss you all, very much.

Love + kisses


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