July 11, 2015 – “Blind Date” and gorgeous day

Last night was a hoot… We went down and got out tickets and then went to the Gan Inn for a drink. It was lovely there and we enjoyed it. Then we walked back to the theater. I wanted to see what the deal was with the cast mingling with the patrons before the show.  I spotted the star talking to this youngish couple and was wondering if he would end up being her Date for the evening. If you live in the Kingston/Gan/Brockville area this is a fun play.  Denis had trouble hearing parts of it and did not think it all that funny but I loved it.  Mimi gets stood up and finds a substitute date from the audience. The fellow she picked was incredibly funny. Think aside from being Irish Canadian he had also had a few beers before the show.  It was very funny. Every night is different and actually I would go back to see how different it would be with a different fellow playing the data.  So, go and see it if you can. It is one long act so we got home pretty early which was good.  Enjoyed the rest of the evening and then lo and behold, I slept in until 11 am.

image image image

Actually I was listening to “Car Talk” on NPR but fell back to sleep during part of it. I must have been beat from painting? Today we took it easier. I decided to go to war with those little house ants.  They are driving me nuts so I cleaned and sprayed.  Then after a bit of lunch we went to Gan shopping. I got a table for upstairs to put paperwork on and make room for the copier and scanner.  Got some of those compost liners that compose themselves. Could not find them in the US but found them at the Home Hardward store.

Went to Metro hoping to find some So’Yo icecream bars but came away disappointed. I got them before in Brockville so will head back there soon.

Tomorrow morning early we are heading to Sydenham so Denis can run a 10 K race. I will bring the Ipad and take some pictures. Then we are going to the Dairy for some of their delicious scones and maybe some ice cream while we are there. Should be fun. We are leaving at 7 am so don’t expect anyone to come and support him other than “moi”.   I mean really, such an hour to be traversing the countryside. I will drive so he can not have to worry about it coming home.

Another letter from Sheila as she settles into life in England

1944 Blue Armed Forces Air Letter / Air Mail / postmarked Field Post Office 289 / handwritten received 12 July No. 7

Dr + Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl Street, Kingston Ontario, Canada

Sunday 25 June 1944 (6)

Dear All:

It is rainy to-day and I have changed places again. I was on Surgery for 3 days and just got to know how to turn around and they put in on Medicine. There are certainly a good bunch of nurses here. They are all friendly and nice, and really good heads. They are a lot of older girls but all nice. McLean is here, she knews Eileen and Darley very well. I don’t remember ever seeing her before but I remember Darley mentioning her the day, I went to say good-bye.

I went to Mass this morning and we have the grandest Padre, he is wonderful. I’ve never heard any man respected or admirer more by a whole hospital like he is. Everyone thinks he’s a good guy. I shall tell you his name later as right now I can’t spell it, it begins with Mart ———-. He is from Windsor and Father Mac worked under him, right after he left the seminary. It is a small world isn’t.

I still haven’t been able to locate Pat but am still trying. She is in Northern England right now, but I still can’t seem to get in touch with her. We are under a type of C.B. We can’t travel more than 20 miles and no leaves. This rule came out when the invasion started.

Mary do you remember that party we were to at Barriefield with Block (?) and Adrienne La Bluie and there was a Major Day (Surgeon) with his wife. Well he is here. He is Colonel now and it took me 2 days to figure where I had seen him before, but at last I remember and we talked at the dance (which I told you about in the last letter). Strange the way you run into people isn’t.

I have a very comfortable bed and so far the meals are better than I had hoped for. I am still waiting for mail. I got 3 letters the first day forwarded from Debert. 2 of Mothers and one from Carmel, and was very glad to get them, and now am patiently waiting to get some from No.1 C.G.R.U. but so far no dice – but some day, I hope. I haven’t got any from Jack, yet either. Wrote you and Mary yesterday on ordinary paper, so hope they arrive.

Love and miss you all, Sheila (How is Jeanie) N/S S. O’Connor C.A..O.


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