July 10, 2015 – Paint and make up and “Blind Date”

Lovely day for painting bathroom doors it is!  All three got their first coat of semi gloss but not all the trim was accomplished.  These old hands get mighty sore after a bit of painting with a small brush.  Two pain killer pills made sure they did not hurt while painting but once they wear off I imagine more will be needed as bending those fingers really is helpful. But I think two more days will just about do it for the doors and then I can do the one window and from there decide where to move next.  This all started because those darn new decorative doors that are not made of solid wood pick up stains and other things that appear to grow on the stains and make a lovely bathroom look crappy.  I have put up with it for a couple of years but this year no more.  So the room is getting back to its lovely look when we started this whole project. I love the color in there. It is a lovely greenish color and I found towels at Target to match it wonderfully back when we moved in.  It is one of my finest accomplishments here, well that and the kitchen and the stone wall.

Tonight we are going to the theater again in Gan.  Should be another fun play. This one is called “Blind Date” and some fellow from the audience gets invited on stage to be the actresses blind date after she gets stood up. Should be a grand time.  So have to cook an earlier dinner and then we can go down and get our tickets and go for a drink or a walk before the performance.

So, letters from Sheila.  Here we are just starting the war again. I have not gone through her letters yet due to the painting and other outings.  But there are plenty to keep us busy for a few months.

Plain white envelope / post mark Army post office SC 2 24 June 44 10:22
C.A.O. letter no 7

Addressed to: Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl St, Kingston , Ontario, Canada

21 June 1944

Dear All

Well I am now in England, at a hospital, once again in a bed ward with 20 girls but we will all be separated to-morrow to our respective places. I’m going to the same one as Mary, and Mary Kennedy are and my new address shall be:
No 13 Canadian General Hospital, Canadian Army Overseas

We had a gorgeous trip over. We came down a river at sunset and I can really say, I never have seen anything more beautiful, all along the river the scenery was wonderful. It doesn’t get dark till 12 midnight here, it is funny but it doesn’t, so we all sat out on deck and enjoyed it all to the full.

We had 7 hours in Scotland before catching a train, so we took a tram and to see what we could see. Got off at a cute park and saw the flowers, and they are everything Patt said they were, simply wonderful things. Then went to a restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the day very much.

Then we spent the day/night on the train, and had a very poor night as accommodations were poor but we lived through it but were very giddy when we hit London at 8:00 in the morning.

When we were getting into the train I met Cic (?) Robinson, Jack Hare and Johnny Fraser, so I talked with them all, on the train so it didn’t make the night so long. We were in London for ½ hour so we just sat around.

Then we left London and arrived at our destination safely but awfully tired. Patt is definitely on the move so I shall not see her. But I am going to see Mary D. to-morrow. Every so often I feel I should squeeze myself and it will all be a dream. It certainly seems strange to be here, but I’m enjoying it all and think England + Scotland are both lovely.

I received a letter from Mother mailed from Debert, about Mary’s birthday party etc. and loved it all. I enjoyed the letter so much and I’m waiting for the one, that you sent C.A.O. I’m sorry I didn’t get wee Mary a present but shall try to get her something here.

English money + words are slowly but surely driving me nuts – no rule or rythm to them, but time will stop that. I also got a letter from Carmel which was forwarded from Debert. I am now going to write her and Jack. I hope you are all fine and wish so often that you could see it all.

Miss you all but have not been really lonesome yet.

Love and kisses, Sheila


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