July 9, 2015 – a puppy and genealogy

Today has been a day of extremes.  The puppy happily is back with his family and I am no longer thinking about what we could have done together and how I would have had to learn how to take care of him.  Also happily found out that they do not have a policy of destroying dogs here any more.  They keep them at a vets for five days and then if they are not claimed they are fostered out until a home is found.  So all’s well that ends well.

I have been getting back into genealogy searching rather than transcribing family letters which is fun. The National Library of Ireland has put the marriage and baptismal records of the parishes that had them on line and lo and behold this evening I have been looking to see what they have and I found my Gr Gr Grandmothers record as well as most of her siblings and one I had never heard of before.  In her obit it gives a birth date of 1815 which it turns out is incorrect – she was actually born in 1812 being baptized on June 3 and her sponsors were Bryan Dogherty and Cathy Goodin.  All the way through the records her mother is listed as “Cathy” Mcginis.  Find it fun that they don’t have her as Catherine.  I am just a happy camper with this info.  Need to figure a way to print them all out but for now just having it all written down is enough for me.  And now to find out what happened to her brother Tom who was born in 1814.  Never heard of him before.

So I am going to continue my searching and you can read an Aunt Sheila letter from 1944.

Blue Armed Forces Air Letter / postmarked Field Post Office 822 – June 22, ’44 / handwritten
18 June – No. 6

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario

18 June 1944 No 6

Dear All,

Just got in from the dance. That sounds funny doesn’t it but anyway we had a gorgeous dinner to-night. Turkey and all the trimmings no kidding. It was the ships big dinner and it was a lot of fun. Then the dance and it was grand. They had perfect decorations etc and everything was perfect. We are going to see part of the coast of Ireland at 7:00 to –morrow morning so of course I shall be up and have I even taken a p betting over that. I have to called 7 people as they all know I will be up. I’m commonly known as okey on board and it is the first time I was ever called it. Shall add more to-morrow.

We all got up at 7:45 this morning, called a lot of the boys and then we all went out to see Ireland but gosh darn it, it wasn’t green + you couldn’t see any shamrocks but never the less it was very very good, and I gave good old Ireland a very special salute – no kidding.

I wrote to Lois + Basil, Helen + F.D to thank them, to-day, so I’m almost at the end of thank you letters, which I’m very glad of to say the least, but I’ve enjoyed writing letter so far and hope they are not too bad and that mother can understand my writing.

I haven’t much news but as Patt said shall have lots to tell when all this is over and we are back to normal again. I am wondering when I’ll see Pattsy, it certainly will be a big celebration when we meet eh.

We are now getting very anxious to leave this place, or ship should I say.

The food still has been wonderful but we want to get under way. I was not sick a day. I felt wonderful from beginning to the end.

I have got to know Ab Brown very well. He is from Kingston and one grand guy but he was just married and hated leaving his wife. He is a grand guy though.

Well this is all for now. I miss you all very much,

n/s S. O’Connor C.A.O.


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