July 8, 2015 – oh computers that won’t work… frustrating, can you hear me yelling???

Yes, it has been a couple of interesting days with the computer. Well, actually not the computer but the hub which gives us internet connection.  I finally moved it to another window and lo and behold it seems to be finally working with a decent connection… I wrote a blog post yesterday morning and it all disappeared one of the times the computer went suddenly off line.  Yes, that was me screaming.  I mean really, half an hour of work gone!!!!!

So, anyway, we had a great weekend. The birthday party for Stan and Marion was so nice. They could not believe it. There were more than 60 people there. The Mass was said by Fr. Jim Kane who use to be pastor at our church. Then their daughter Sister Sue gave the homily, it was perfect.  The meal was very good and the company at our table great. Saw so many people I had not seen in years.  All the Stewarts were there. They are quite a family.  Way back they were involved in a car crash that killed the father, left the youngest daughter paralyzed and I believe another sibling died in the crash.  Their mothers was such a strong woman and raised them to be fine, loving and giving people.  Larry one of the husbands and I ran the youth group at church about 35 years ago.  What fun we had with the kids.. Car washes, retreats, all kinds of things – once we did an all night dance marathon. I did the whole night. Hard to believe now.

Sunday we went to the Farmers Market to stock up on some of our favorites…. great cheeses, breads, pesto, etc. Then we went to near Lake George to pick up a used lawn mower. I have to try it out yet.  After a visit with the Walkers that we bought it from, we headed for Saratoga to visit with our Norah and her puppies who are becoming more well behaved every time I see them. Norah, Lady Stella and the two of us went out for dinner at “the Local” which has a patio and is puppy friendly.  It was very nice and we enjoyed the meal and our time with both of them.

So all and all a very nice weekend.  I got my new cap on monday and am not sure it is fitting properly or not.. I was paranoid the first day but now figure it will adjust but if not when we go home again I will head over to my new good buddy Dr. Yap and have it checked. And now here we are back in our little home away from home.

Last night we went to Sheila and Jacques for dinner and quite a storm blew through. The lake was completed disappearing in front of us. It was thick with clouds and it looked like the ocean in a storm. The rain must have been coming down sideways. We got everything off the porch and after the rain that was a good decision since it was soaked. Denis and Jacques mopped it up but it was still quite wet.  What a mess!!!

I have painted one more door in the bathroom with the undercoat.  Trying to make sure the stains do not come through. doing one per day so my hands don’t get too sore.  It is looking brighter in there for sure and I hated the stains on the doors and they are going away.

Adventure today.  Janet, one of our neighbors up the street came to our door because the cutest Lab puppy was chasing her three wheeler. She asked it we would keep him with us so she could go on her way and if we would call a couple of folks to see if anyone knew who might be missing this puppy.  Being nice we said yes.  She also said if worse came to worse call the animal control folks.  That it turns out might have been a mistake. I called around and no one knew anyone missing a puppy. Then when Sue stopped by later she said that animal control would destroy the dog after three days if no one called to get it.  By then the nice lady from there had come and taken the little guy away.  I am struggling with guilt.  Tomorrow I will call and see if anyone has claimed the puppy.  He is very cute and obviously has had some training. To get him from the town I would have to purchase tags and then find a vet to see him right away.  OH dear. What to do?????? I should have taken his picture and posted it on facebook.

So here is Sheila’s last letter from the cruise over to England.

Blue Armed Forces Air Letter / postmarked Field Post Office / handwritten 17 June, No. 5 /

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario

17 June 44 (No. 4)

Dear All:

Well the journey is just about over and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and shall try to remember all the details to tell you when I see you.

Yesterday I slept tell noon and then got up and had a grand dinner. Played bridge till tea time. Then we had P.T. and I’m starting to enjoy it to the full. Then I played cribbage with Dave Ritur and won. I would like to have a cribbage board if you could pick one up I would love to have it as I had forgotten what a good game it was.

Then after supper we had a sing song till 9 and then a skit put on by some of the boys and it was very good, then they read Part 2 orders which they made up and had something about everyone on board. I’m O.C of cribbage – not bad eh. I’m really getting places with that game.

They picked out a social committee of 6 the first day on board and really they have worked a lot and we have had something to do every nite which has been grand for all of us.

I am so anxious to get to England as I’m afraid Pat will be gone, before we get there. I saved all the letters I got at Debert to let her read them, so I am hoping we’ll get together this week or next if all goes well.

I have just written Carmel and Jack, and now I’m going to have a game of bridge. I never appreciated my knowledge in cards before but boy I’m glad I can play now as you are right in the groove here.

I got a box of 48 chocolate bar on board so my little black box is full a again, so I’ll be able to give Patt a lot of them, also have got 2 oranges for her – so hope I find her. The warm clothes were certainly welcome here, though I’ve never been cold yet as I had a good supply of sweaters etc.

The girls and boys are really a good crowd all round but of course all the choice men are married but I’m not going with any one individual on board. I just pop around like a little grasshopper. I’m going to write the rest of my thank you note after I get a permanent address, as then I will get the answer, if any, back directly.

Well dear, this is all for now and as there is little news, I shall close, wish you were here and hope my cutey paps has a good father’s day. Love and shall write again soon,

Love, Sheila 2nd Lieut S. O’Connor, No 1 C. G.R.U. – C.A.O.


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