June 30,d 2015 – the longest day of the year

“A well-developed sense of humour

is the pole that adds balance to your steps,

as you walk the tightrope of life”

                                                                                                   William Arthur Ward

Hard to believe this day is one second longer than yesterday. I mean am really who would know other than scientists.

If the sky would clear I could see the planets come together this evening to look like a super star but no, as would have it, the skies are filled with gray, rainy clouds.

Went on adventure today to the Opinicon Hotel at Chaffey’s Locks for lunch.  It was very good.  There were eight of us and had great conversations about lots of things.  Fun to get to know the woman who live on the road.  I don’t remember all the names yet but that will come. We walked down to the Lock and watched the water going down and letting the boats out. They also have a museum at the Lockkeepers house which was interesting.  Hard to think that back in the 1820″ and 30’s maybe some of our ancestors worked on the canal.  I bought a little book about the Irish who came to work on the canal and those that came afterwards.

Denis arrived back at dinner time. I was napping and still am yawning. Must be the weather.  If we had a nice screened in porch it would be lovely to sit out or lay out on a porch swing and read a book.  But not here yet.

I feel so sad that even the pictures of Sheila’s that we saved have no names on them.  There are some a nice looking fellow who might be Jack Grey but then again it could be the next fellow from over in England.  We shall have to see where all this leads to.  If I can find Jack’s letters to Sheila I will add some of them here.  He was quite truly taken by her.

postmarked Debert N.S. / handwritten 2 June No. 10 and No 19 and Last letter from Debert

2nd June ‘44

Dear All,

Happy Birthday Mary. I got you a small gift in Truro and will mail it to-day, so hope you get it before too long.

The place is very quiet and we are taking lectures off + on. We went on a 4 mile route march yesterday, and it rained, rained, we were a sweet looking mess when we arrived back at the hospital, but still in good spirits.

I went to Truro last night, to see “The Sullivan’s”. Irish as the day is long and sad but very cute. A bunch of the girls went in with us and we had a lot of fun.

There is really very little news of any account, I shall try to get to Truro to-day to get a little something for wee Mary. The shopping is not bad but much the same as Kingston on the whole.

I got a cute letter from Ferg + Connie yesterday and was so glad to here from them.

Will you give my address to Carmel, and everyone that wants to write as I will really appreciate letters over there. My new address will be:
2nd Lieut n/s Sheila O’Connor, No 1 Canadian General Reinforcement Unit, Canadian Army Overseas.

And I want Aunt Bessie’s address. We have to go to our lecture.
Love + kisses

Sat 3 June 44

Dear All,

Didn’t get this mail. Went to a dance last nite, with Jack Gray, he is the nicest guy, really simply perfect. He is giving me his photo to take with me. Don’t exactly know what that means ——– but he wants me to have it. We took some cute pictures last Sun. Shall send some to you later.

Tonight, I’m going to dance with Jack. And over to dinner to-morrow night at the Transit Mess and then I shall probably see Patt afterwards. Well this is all for now, shall write Monday (over) or Tuesday.

Love to everyone and shall get wee Mary a little something as soon as I can find something.

Love and miss you all,
Love + Kisses, Sheila
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fighting_Sullivans   good grief, this is totally a tear jerker film. Just reading what the story line was – true story as well – I was starting to cry. You can actually watch the movie on Youtube.  Get out your tissues if you are going to watch it.

The Fighting Sullivans


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