June 29, 2015 – “See the best in others”

June 29th was my Mothers birthday.  I thought about her a lot today.  I think she would have said the above – See the best in others.  She always tried to be positive and see us in a good light and others as well.  She loved daisies which is why I let them grow wild around my house here and there.  I think in her family growing up that was the kind of messages they got from their mother.  Grandmother had lost her family  almost completely by the time she was in her early 20’s Mother, Father and sister and eventually the aunt who took care of them after their mother died.  All from TB and so sad for her that she tried to raise her children to be loving and caring for others.

Today, well late this afternoon the rain stopped finally although it is only a reprieve since more is due later in the week.  I had a lovely couple of days.  Saturday the play at the Thousand Islands Playhouse was great. Denis was even brought up on stage ton play the part of Mackensie King at the end of the play.  It was Pirates of Penzance but they added songs from the 1920’s and songs about the 1000 islands It was so funny.  They were even very political at the end and we laughed and laughed.

Before the play we went to Rib Fest to check out the craft booths and listen to some of the music. Then went into some art galleries on King Street and an upscale store with jewelry and other items, most costing a great deal. There is a wonderful cupcake store in town and we each got one. The gluten free tasted so good and the frosting was to die for.

At 5 pm we went to church at St. John’s where my mom and her siblings went when they were little and living there. It is a lovely church.  The priest was very nice and people were friendly.  From there we went to the Gananoque Inn for dinner and then to get our tickets for the show.  Then we went for a walk before the show went on.  It was lovely.

Sunday we got up and Denis went for a long run and then we went in the rain to the Strawberry Festival at Wendys. I felt so sorry for them.  Did find out there is a new confectioner in Seeley’s Bay that makes the very best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had in my life. They were so good. I could have eaten them all. If I can find the place I just might have to stop and see if I can buy more. They are to die for no doubt.

Then Denis left and I cannot really say what I did.  Just mucked around I bet.

Today Ron came to measure for molding and then I went to Gananoque to visit Margaret O’Connor.  She my mothers second cousin.  She turned 91 this week and is in great shape.  She is a lovely woman. I got there about 10:30 and thought I would stay until noon but ended up having lunch with her and left around 2:30 for my Tai Chi class.  I will be going back to visit with her some more.  She is fun and I enjoy her greatly and also when I get to be that old I certainly hope someone will come to see me.

So no complaints about life up here.

Sheila sounds like she has found herself a boyfriend at the base.  She also seems to be having a great time. Have you started to hear a difference between Pat and Sheila?  The more I read the more I see the difference in their personalities.

Plain white envelope / handwritten No 9 / postmarked Debert N.S. Jun 1 1944 at 4 PM from M.P.O. 603 by Air Mail

Wed. 31 May 43 (44) (as written by Sheila)

Dear All,
Well I am in bed again after a strenuous drill of an hour and a half on the parade square in slacks. It started at 9:30 till 11:00. We have Military Law @ 2:00 + Map reading @ 3:00 and then Pay Parade @ 4:15. Jack Gray (who I mentioned in my last letter and will be mentioning until I leave) is paying us. He is assistant pay-master and one grand guy. Very cute looking too.

I will get about $25 this pay and that will leave me with about $70. So I will not have to draw a cheque from the bank for awhile, unless we stay here for awhile.

It is two weeks since I’ve seen you and so help me, it seems all of 3 months since I’ve been anyway near Kingston. Though, this is one swell camp, it has certainly got a swell set-up, and I can’t figure out why it has such an awful name. As it is a beautiful country and all the boys are so gosh darn nice and so amicable.

Monday night, I went to a show with Jack, to see Silver Queen, it was quite good, and then we went to the Mess and had bacon sandwiches.   The food here isn’t so hot so the boys all know we want to be fed pronto on going out with them, greedy individuals aren’t we?

Last nite we went into Truro for awhile saw Rosaline Russell + Bruce Ahern in “What a Woman” and then I had a hot veal sandwich and French fried potatoes and milk, it was super.

We are all sleeping and being lazy. You should see me wash and iron clothes, really I amaze myself, and I know I would amaze you.

I’m sure the 3rd floor will look grand. I loved Eileen’s letter and was so glad to get it.

I also got the package from Mary with rubbers, stockings, etc. and thanks a lot. and got 2 letters from Dad + Mom and thank you all very much, they were swell.

I wish you all were here or me there or something but it is all a lot of fun and I enjoy it all.
Love + kisses

http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article.html?id=600539|602039   This is a great article about the Silver Queen. Not sure I ever saw it even on Saturday morning TV in NY City.

And here is a poster from “What a Woman”

What a Woman 1944 Poster Rosalind Russell


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