June 27, 2015 – “You are worthy of all good things”

Today is going to be a very busy day and a long evening so I thought I would sit up here and just write a bit and then share another letter and another little piece I wrote.

We are going to town this afternoon for several events – first we are stopping at Home Hardware and returning a wrong paint that we purchased.. no big deal there… then we are going down to Rib Fest to look at the crafts, then to 5 pm Mass at St Johns.   I have never been in that church that I remember but my mom was baptized there and went to church there for the first nine years of her life.  Then we are going to dinner at the Gananoque Inn and to see the ‘Pirates of Penzance” at the Playhouse.   Should be a full afternoon and evening.

Rumor has it we are going to get a huge rain tomorrow.  I hope it holds off until after the Strawberry Festival at Wendy’s. Have been looking forward to it all week. Just looked at the radar on the weather channel. Lots of rain out there. Yikes, flood warnings at home.  D better be careful driving home tomorrow.

Lively Discussion as Sport

It was a warm sunny day. The cousins were all together and we were having a wonderful day. Dad and Uncle Allan had set themselves up under a tree in the front yard, two men, town chairs and a case of beer. And as usual they were talking about their favorite topic – religion – for them it was sport, The Catholic vs the Atheist.

I wanted to get away to run and hide. But no, as usual, all the cousins wanted to sit around on the grass and listen to the competition.

I guess the two of them had done it for years since marrying into this large Catholic family. It seemed strange to me that everyone thought this was fun. I was embarrassed and angry. Why did Dad always have to attack the Church? Why was he so mean about it? Why did he have to do it in front of all my cousins?  They laughed and were enjoying it.
Didn’t anyone realize that all five children of his had to live with his anger towards religion? That we were like the early Christians living I the catacombs? This was just more torture.

Debert N.S. ordinary letterhead – plain envelope – by Air Mail – No 8 May 30 / 4 PM 1944 M.P.O. 603
29 May 44

Dear All,

I’m lying on top of my bed. I just got new change of linen so guess we shall be here a bit longer.

It is two weeks since I’ve seen you and without a word of a lie, it really seems like 2 months since I was at the station with you cute bugs.

I received a letter from Eileen Saturday and was so gosh darn glad to get it, I really loved it and can just see Jane waving kisses + looking for my brush, I miss the little kids a lot.

Saturday night went over to the Camp Colonial Mess Dance with Jack Grey, Mary D. + Ken Watson. Jack is awfully cute, he is paymaster and is from Regina.

I have never seen so much dust in my life. Dust + sand, dust + sand everyplace, but this is really a lovely spot.

Sunday we went to High Mass at the K. Of C. Huts and a private sung the Proper of the Mass. He had a beautiful voice. I’m certainly getting to Mass a lot which is grand, but you certainly get thinking in times of the pioneers, because on the week days, we have it, in any little room available in the K. Of C. canteen and we are usually jammed in as they never have more than 10 there and then you will be right in the middle of mass and someone turns the juke-box on in the next room and pretty soon you are saying your prayers in tune of the 5:00 Jump or some other jive. It is really an experience to say the least.

Sunday afternoon, Jack, Ken, Mary + I and 2 other couples, went around the camp and they showed us the sweetest swimming pool, embedded in trees, great big pine trees around it, it was so gosh darn nice. Then we took pictures and went back to the Mess for dinner and then to a show called “Destination to Tokyo”. It was very good but a lot of good old propaganda.

That is all the news for now. I like the camp really very much, and I’m almost sure we’ll be here for another week and I miss you all very much.

I wrote a letter to Father Martin but have not written any of the other ones but shall when I reach my destination.
You have my new address in the other letter eh – I got a lot of air-mail forms so I shall be set when I get there. Much love and I love all your letters.
Sheila –

if you want to read about the movie “Destination Tokyo” here is the Wiki version..



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