June 23, 2015 – “Turn your problems into challenges”

I like that phrase…  My life has been full of problems from the time I was little but I learned somehow to turn them into challenges to be conquered.  Most of the time that has worked pretty well for me. Not overnight success but at times long term work. Rumor has it that last night it rained and rained and even there was thunder etc.  Slept through it like a baby.  I did get up at 3 am and went back to sleep until 6 am.  I had a dream that had me obsessing for the rest of the morning until I got up.  The clocks were showing the wrong time so I guess I got up much later than I thought. I was just laying there listening to the radio and did not realize how late it was.  Oh well. The joys of retirement. I dreamed about someone I knew years ago and there seemed to be some kind of a message in the dream for me. Still trying to work it out.  Just going to take time to decide what to do about it.  I rarely remember dreams so this one is going to stick for awhile. The clouds went away and it was a lovely afternoon.  I practiced my Tai Chi and then set up more of my materials on the desk upstairs.  I am ready to go to work up here now.  Lots of stories I wrote over the last year to type up and then maybe I will put some of them on here.  Genealogy paperwork that needs to be checked and if I can find a program for free to download my tree onto I will be able to start adding info to it.  I want one on my computer and then I will stop using the ancestry one on line  I cannot print out trees from it and that drives me nuts. There are pictures on there and documents that I cannot figure out how to put together in a easy way on my computer. I just went through a DVD of pictures of the O’Connor family but none of the ones I want are on there. OH well. I havimagee some I will upload from my ipad once this entry is completed. Envelope Knights of Columbus – mailed from Truro may 22, 1944 – by air mail 22-05-44 Dr and Mrs F.J. O’Connor Sr. / 193 Earl St. / Kingston On Dear Mom + Paps: Well we are still in the big ward not doing a thing except being lazy. This is the fifth letter I have written and I got a letter from Mom written the day after we left and this morning got one from Brian Laughlan (sp?) a patient at K.M.H.. So we are wondering if you are getting our letters. As Mary Doyle has had one from her mother + Kennedy hasn’t got any mail yet, but we are hoping you are getting ours. We have had a good week-end. Sat night we went to Doug’s Mess and had a lot of fun. Then Sunday we went to 10:00 Mass and then in the afternoon went out for a drive around and really saw for the first time how beautiful Nova Scotia is. Then we (Doylie, Ken Watts, Doug + I) went back to their Mess and had a simply super dinner and then we went out to the back and pitched horse-shoes, did I say pitched, really I can’t throw a darn but we had a lot of fun, then we went back in and played a new game of rummy. I’ll teach you how to play some time. It is a good game and there were 7 or 8 people playing so it was really a lot of fun. Then they had a film for us and it was a really good show. I can’t remember the name of it, but it was good. Then it was perfect out so we walked home, it is about 2 miles and I enjoyed it alot. This is the most amazing place for dust, really it is hard to believe. Doylie’s bed is right in front of a window and her blind, sheets + pillows are just full of red clay, so we sleep together. Well this is all the news for now. I shall continue to write, hope you are getting them all. Love and kisses, Sheila P.S. Don’t forget to get me Father Martin’s and Aunt Bessie Thanks Sheila


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