June 22, 2015 – Life is grand

I could not get on line last night because of the storm.  We got such a weak signal nothing was happening. It was fun sitting and listening to the pouring rain on the roof. Such a wonderful sound.

Earlier in the day we had taken a ride to Gan to get tickets for the theater there.. we are going to see five plays over the summer which will be great fun.  We went to a couple last summer and enjoyed it. Small theater, good acting. and good plays. Then we just took a ride. Stopped at McD’s to get me an iced coffee, thanks Moe for turning those on to me. Good thing there is not a McD’s near by or I would be gaining so much weight.  Petra’s is bad enough for me.

Ed and his lady friend Hannah came over for a visit. She is a wonderful person, runs a Foundation in Mexico to teach children art and increase their literacy.  She gave me a book today about it when we went over to see what progress Ed is making.  Have to say I love the shower in the second bedroom. It is gorgeous and well designed.  The rest of the house needs so much work but it will get done eventually.

I went to a Tai Chi class today and intend to return again next monday. They don’t do it exactly the way we do it in Richards Class but you know what? I remembered all the moves which made me very happy. I have been doing the 108 moves every day so far and think if I can do that by the end of the summer I will have it ingrained in my brain.  With this lovely weather it also makes it easier on me since I hate the heat…. 80′ is fine with the dryness and the breezes.

Hard to believe it is Monday. I am losing track of days and time which is a good sign. I do miss listening to the Roundtable on WAMC every morning but maybe tomorrow I will treat myself to a broadcast. We are both trying not to use the internet as often since when I was up here in May I used up $75 worth of G’s which we cannot plan to do on a regular basis.  I was watching netflixs every evening. Guess that is a no-no.  Oh well.

Here is another letter of Sheila’s from Debert.

Knights of Columbus War Services Letterhead /envelope also / air mail / No 4

Dear All,

We are on a weekend but we didn’t go anywhere at all. We just stayed here. Thurs Doylie, Mary Kennedy + myself all went into Truro and saw a show “Riding High” Dorothy Lamour + Dick Powell. As we were coming out we bumped square into Doug Paul. We went to eat and then back to camp.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riding_High_%281943_film%29)

Yesterday was the starting of our week-end, we debated every place from Halifax to Quebec but decided against it as we were sick of train + stuff. So last night Doug and I went out to dinner and then to the other theatre to see “Timber girl”. Doylie + Mary Kennedy went to the Engineer’s Mess and had a good time. We (Doylie, Mary and I) are going either to Doug Mess or the Engineer’s Mess to-nite.

The camp here’s really immense and there really doesn’t seem to be much of anything really going on as we are attached to Transit Camp No. 2. We are not suppose to do anything except maybe something in regards to our medical or document but we do not drill or work at all. They are have a party for us on Wednesday nite.

We went to Mass Thursday afternoon at 4:45 and communion. It was queer to go at that hour of the day to say the least but nice anyway.

There is really no news of any account. I got Mother and Patt’s letter and really loved them.

Well my pets, I am very well and like it very much , other than I think this place will get boring if we stay around much longer, Doylie met a guy that knew Eileen + Mary @ college – named Pat Taylor. I haven’t met him yet.

Well dears this is the 4th letter, 3rd from here. Hope you have got them all. Do write to me Mary, and everyone as I miss you all.
Love + kisses
Riding High 1943 Movie Poster Photograph of The Beautifu Dorothy ...


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