JUne 19, 2015 – “We are all connected”


The  more I hear about responses to the shootings in South Carolina the more upset I get.  Politicians using the deaths of 8 people as an opportunity to promote their own agenda’s.  The NRA coming out with more statements about if the people praying had been carrying guns etc etc.  What if no one had had a gun?  The sad part is that every time a group of people die in a massacre all the folks come out with statements that make my stomach hurt.  It is all about their business, making money, protecting evil, you name it. What ever happened to the sanctity of life?  Why are not people out there talking about answers to the problem instead of promoting their own agenda’s?  Why does a father give his son who is walking around using hate speech a gun? Does the father support his sons position? I put that statement about we are all connected up there because we should be all connected.  If you go back far enough we are all related. No matter our color, race, ethnic background, we are all related. It would be interesting to show young people where there DNA originated from.  I had mine done through National Geographic.  My mother DNA comes from the heart of Africa. It is so interesting to learn these things and the travels of my ancestors over thousands of years to end up in the British Isles.  “We are all connected”  So why kill anyone? We are all family. We are members of the human race, brothers and sisters all. So on to my life.  I am wonderfully relaxed today.  Went out and got fruits and veggies and a blueberry pie. Yes I ate some……. after all Blueberry Pie from Wendy’s!!! of course I had to eat some.  My sweetie got here in the late afternoon so we had a nice dinner together and are both right into reading and relaxing.  Sue and Ron Smith came over to visit and played the African Drums for us. I will see if I can attach the video from my IPad.  I think I may start going to Tai Chi in Lansdowne on Mondays. So, now on to Sheila’s letters.  This one is out of order.  But the date is there so enjoy.. from Debert NS/ May 18, 1944 / 9 am / No 2 letter 17 May Wednesday morning 11 :30 AM 17-05-1944 Dear Mother +Dad+All Well we are at Debert. We had a really good trip down. We got up Tues morning at 9:50 and had a really wonderful breakfast and then we went back to our train. We were all in one car along with one captain. The poor guy took an awful beating. He was afraid to go to bed till 2:30 or 3:00 as we were wondering around till all hours. I think I told you Mary and I slept together in the bottom bunk as neither of us wanted to sleep on top and it was fun. Then Tues after breakfast we played cards till 3:00 and then discovered we had missed lunch. The whole car full of us had, including the captain – but we ate chocolates + nuts all afternoon. Then we had dinner at 7:30 and it was grand as we were hungry. We went to bed @ 12:00 and the porter woke us up at 3:00 as we arrived in Debert at 3:40 A.M. Well now the part starts where it is really like a Sheila actor something. We had all our luggage etc and everything was ready at 3:40 as we got into Debert. The train stopped and we looked up as we were the last car of 20, there was nothing but a big drop so the porter told us to stay on the train would stop in front of the station so our car would be opposite the station, so we stayed on and the train drove straight on — … About 1 mile on it stop and porters fought with conductors and conductors fought with the engineers and we stood like dummies and I do mean dummies. Then the train went and in it were the 9 nursing sisters. We went to Truro and they kindly let us off there. We argued with them but to no avail and it ended up with the conductor phoning Debert for transportation. This was all going on at 4 to 4:30 A.M. Wed morning. The operator at Debert said they would send one, and so we all sat, and sat and sat, looking very forlorn … at 6:30 still no cars or transportation. At 6:45 the agent phoned again and I talked and about 7:30 to cars came and bundled us all in and brought us to Debert. The matron of the hospital is very very nice but no one expected us and they brought us over to the hospital and we all settled in a 40 bed ward so it is very chummy. We got into the ward about nine and had breakfast and took a bath, then dressed and had to go to get schick test and a dental examination and now it is 11:30 and I’m in bed and writing this and then I shall pop to sleep. The girls are a good crowd and there are 4 of us who will be going to Mass in the morning, Kennedy, Kay, Shea, Doylie + I – good old Irishman’s eh -. I shall not be going to see Patt till Monday. I know that for sure because it will not be before and in all possibility I won’t make it then. But shall be glad to see her whenever it is. I have discovered one thing I have not got – are my rubbers – they look like a child’s rubber and I think are on the hat/ rack. By the way thanks again Mom + Dad for all the swell things you did for me , and I certainly would not be here in one piece otherwise, also thanks Eileen + Bill, for everything and little Mary I hope you have caught up on all that lost ship by now and thank you very much for everything. Now Fergie + Connie, thank you too, my packing is super + wish you were here to repack for me when I move again. I think you were all swell and I miss you all so gosh much but so far Mary +I have managed to keep each other in good spirits most of the time. I have not got Aunt Bessie’s address and I would like it — if I go there. Well dears. I certainly wish I could pop in and talk to you all, and I think the east is wonderful and when we past Bathurst Doylie + I looked it over thoroughly and saw the 2 bridges there and thought about you driving over it that summer, it gave me a nice warm feeling. I like the east very much Bill but think it is much like Ontario in most part. We get a better view of Nova Scotia in the station wagon from Truro to Debert than in the train. I thought Quebec was kind of poor but maybe we passed the worst part or something. It was beautiful by Gaspe as the sun was setting and all in all it was a very eventful trip in my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. Mom has my address and Doylie sends her love to everyone,. I’m so glad she is with us, it is a big help really. Well must close so I can sleep before they find something else for us to do. All my love + I loved the picture Ferg gave me they were perfect. I miss you , Love to you all Sheila


4 thoughts on “JUne 19, 2015 – “We are all connected””

  1. I did some research on Debert, NS. There was a military camp there during WWII as a staging area for sending troops overseas. There is now a museum there. Here are some interesting links. The second link is a picture of the Debert Military Hospital, Camp Debert, Nova Scotia. There are a total of 10 pictures.




    1. Ant that neat to see where we traveled to over time. I sent my DNA to ancestry.com recently and am still waiting. To get feedback form them.. They put some other things on there. Will let you know if I find anything of interest.


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