June 18, 2015 – Hate is so terrible in our world today

I am totally blown away by the killings in South Carolina. A well planned and executed plan by this very hateful individual. He is not a hero to me but I am sure there are people out there with his beliefs who are happy with what he did. so sad to me that racism is alive and well in America as well as the entire world.  When are people going to learn that skin color and how we look is such a minute part of our genetics.  Yes we look and see that people are different from each other but it does not make us different as people. I hate the idea that this is just part of the human condition.  What a terrible thing to exist.

Arrived safely up here and already feel so much more relaxed.  The car was great – 53 miles per gallon which I cannot complain about.  Usually I fill up before I leave and then once more before I cross the border.  I had filled up on the THruway coming home on Monday and then drove to Albany on Tuesday and ran errands yesterday and on the way up today I filled up just before crossing the border and only needed 6 gallons to fill it up.  i have to put a little book in the car and start really tracking the mileage.  If it is accurate that is almost a 45% increase . No complaints from me.

Going to just add a letter from Sheila since it is late and it has been a long day.  I finally found the letters in sequence – otherwise I have them individually but it is hard to make sure they are in order.  These seem to be in sequence.

Monday 05-06-44 no envelope (presumably Dr. F.J. O’Connor Sr. Et al) just No. 1.

Dear All:

Well, by the time you get this, The general news will probably be old but decided to write to-day anyway.

I didn’t tell you this before as I didn’t want you to worry too much about me. But Sunday 28th of May, Doylie + Mary K. Left Debert for England. There were 80 of us at the beginning and there was only room for 43 on the first boat so they picked us out alphabetically and of course the line was drawn at the L’s so I put in a rather hectic day a week ago. I helped Mary K and Mary D. Packed and then Jack drove me down to the station to see them off, so the last week was a bit different but thanks to Jack Gray I was not lonesome and he spent every available moment with me. He is the sweetest guy. 26 years old, light brown hair and the longest eyelashes, really a pet, looks about 18 or 19, but really is 26 but of course is not a Catholic, but considers it is as good religion as any.

The day we left Debert, he was really feeling simply terrible and I hated to leave him. He gave me his picture and got me a present but it wasn’t finished when we left so he is mailing it to me – He wouldn’t tell me what it was — so I’m all curious and dying to get it. He wants a picture of me and I told him, I would ask you if there was an extra around the house. I’ve never seen the latest one in uniform but I think one of the red ones would do, if there is an extra one around. Mary would you get a folder like you got Frank and send it to him with a short note, telling him — you heard about him — etc.

I seem to have done nothing but talk about Jack, but he is a sweet guy and he expect to be over in 2 months, he is assist. paymaster at Transit Camp.

The boat I’m on is absolutely super. I have a 2 bed suite with bath. Sister Parrett is with me, a quiet but cute thing. The food is absolutely super – huge big bananas, oranges, apples. Breakfast @ 8:00 dinner 12:30 Tea 4:00 supper 7:00 and such food. No kidding. I’ve not seen anything like it for at least 2 years. It is absolutely perfect.

Well as I have to watch what I put down, and it is still my first day aboard, I shall write after so you’ll get a bunch at the one time.

Love and I miss you all very very much but I love to think about you all and Jack was such a darn good listener, I could talk to him for hours about you all.

Hope Mary received her little parcel.

Love and kisses to you all,
Jack’s address: Lt. J.A. Gray, Staff Officers Mess, #2 T.E.M.P. Transit Camp, Debert N.S.


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