June 17, 2015 – Beginning of a new set of letters

Was a good day today. I was awake very early in the morning – like 5 am.. not like me at all. So much to do today. Got a new little battery put in my car key, got some more groceries, picked up scripts, and got my broken, unfixable camera back. I loved this camera but it seems it is broken and to send it to NIkon will cost more than I paid for it. Also did three loads of laundry so I think I am just about ready to get out of here. Such grand fun….. so much stuff to take north just to bring back in 2.5 months.  Oh well. Had a nice chat with Diane today. Sounds like all is good across the road.

Two of my favorite younger cousins were the only ones who responded to my question about what to do next – so they win!!!!

Sheila O’Connor was the youngest of the eight O’Connor children.  She did well in school as they all did and decided to follow her sister Pat into Nursing School at the Hotel Dieu Hospital where there father worked in Obstetrics and their brother was a pediatrician.

Sheila at 18, I heard recently, had tried to elope with some young fellow and her father stopped it.  Not sure of the details and there are several versions so I have no idea which one is the real one.  One story was that the judge they went to have marry them knew Grandfather and that he stalled them until he arrived to take her home.

Sheila graduated from Nursing School and her sister Pat desperately wanted Sheila to come and join her in the Army and go to war.  She eventually did join up but was months behind Pat.  The letters I have start in 1944 so we shall she what her story is.  You will see if you read the other letters that Sheila is very different from Pat. Their personalities come through very strongly in the letters.

So, enjoy.


Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston On

Dear All,

After my leave I came back and due to the dampness of weather etc I caught a beastly cold and got my old cough (from the shoes up) again and the Matron was horrifies by the sound of it and thus I’m in the hospital.

I feel just fine though and do-did nothing but sleep for the 1st 2 days so now I’m enjoying the rest. I had an X-ray of chest + sinuses – both neg. Complete blood count and wait till you hear this – this will floor you – my hemoglobolin in 95% – R.B.C 4,5000,000 and W.B.C – 9,000. So I am a very healthy specimen to be in the hospital so not being sick I’m enjoying life.

Doylie + Suddsie are both back on nites and I shall follow suit as soon as I get out of here. Though I am enjoying this.
To-nite 2 of the officers from the other ward come over and Bluie and I and they played cribbage and had a really good game, even though I lost.

I have not had any mail for the last 2 days but expect soon to-morrow no doubt.

I am really enjoying the rest here, am in a separate ward, reserved for sick nurse but 2 of the room of filled with female M.O. so you are not alone at night and it is a cute private room with all the comforts.

Well dears, want to get this off so shall close for now, hope Eileen is well,

Love to you all,
Sheila n/s Armed Forces Air Letter

O_Connor_siblingsIn this picture Sheila is the front row right side. I will have to look once I am up north for young nursing pictures of her. I have them there I know.


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