June 16, 2015 – “Dance Lightly with LIfe”

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

                                                       William Shakespeare

This quote from Shakespeare is so true.  Goes back to the whole idea of judging others.  I decide what is good or bad and then respond. What I thought was bad when I was 35 is not what I think is bad today. I imagine we all do that. somethings like killing I hope we all find bad but then there are people who support the death penalty so I guess they don’t object to killing. I don’t like war but I do acknowledge that in some circumstances war is necessary. Iraq was not a necessary war and all the fighting going on now all over the world is fall out from that.  I feel so sorry for all those people in the middle east who have had their lives disrupted.  We owe them big time.

I think most politicians went into politics thinking they were going to make a difference in the lives of people in a good way, but once they get into the system they seem to become totally influenced by the money and status and forget about the good of citizens.  A good example is this new trade bill they are trying to pass.  The idea of giving foreign companies the right to set up shop in the US or Canada and if they destroy the environment we cannot sue them is a total sell out of our countries.  And there are a bunch of other items in that treaty that would be to our detriment.  Why, oh why would any politicians support this unless they were going to financially benefit from it all.

oh well, enough of thoughts for today. Had a nice lunch with my friend Jeanne. And went to my last Tai Chi class until the fall. Going to miss everyone there.  Also got some of the house cleaned up.but lots more to do before I can leave here.

The letter yesterday was the last one that is transcribed before Pat went home to die. I have to find the letter my grandmother wrote to my mother after the funeral about Pat’s final days.  My Grandfather was with her when she died. She had planned her own funeral because she did not want things to be dreary and sad. I don’t know how it could not have been heartbreaking for all.  The wake was at her parents home.  So many of the wakes were at home back when we were growing up. It was fascinating to me attending a wake in the house.  Women would be pouring coffee and tea in the dining room and there was food put out to feed those who came.  In the evening I remember parents sitting around the dining room table with drinks having great discussions. Some times the older teens or young adults would get involved.  All very interesting to watch.

So no letter tonight. I have to figure out what to share next.  I have 20 years of diaries of Charles O’Connor my gr grandfather. Or I can go and start on Sheila’s letters.  Any thoughts?  Family preference.  Once I get to the school house I am sure I will find more letters of Pats so will have more to share.



2 thoughts on “June 16, 2015 – “Dance Lightly with LIfe””

  1. I remember those wakes held in the homes. Even as children we attended and were always served tea and lunch. It made death a part of life and we weren’t sheltered from it.


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