June 13, 2015 – grand day

To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides

                                                                                                                David Viscott

We had a lovely day, aside from three year old temper tantrums.  I remember it so well having children who skipped the terrible twos and went right into the terrible threes when they felt like it.  Have to feel sorry for them since they really don’t understand what is happening but they sure are unhappy little campers.

The day started with a lot of excitement – I was making myself some toast and happened to look out one of the back windows and there was a female deer under the porch next door.  Then when Ian came to see he saw that there was a buck there as well with antlers.  It was all quite exciting really. I mean this is the city of Washington DC. But then in looking at a map I realized we are not that far from Rock Creek Park and figured maybe that is where they were coming from.

I saw their neighbor out and told him and he said, “Darn, they ate all our flower beds last year to the point that my wife cried”  Turns out she had flower beds that were gorgeous and well tended and the darn deer ate everything.  That has to be frustrating. So I guess Ian’s excitement over having deer in the neighborhood was not as welcome by others with experience.

About noonish Maya and I headed off to Phoenix MD, north of Baltimore. It was a lovely drive and Maya filled me in on a lot of what she is doing in the housing policy end of things.And she talked to me about working with contract workers and had some interesting ideas about it.

We got to Phoenix and arrived at the brides parents house for the shower. It was great seeing my older brother Jim and his family that was there, especially his son the groom and his daughter the brides maid ( Matron) There were other family members there as well and some of my sister in law Sally’s family and friends that I met years ago at their wedding. So it was all very nice indeed.  Rose and Ferg got some lovely gifts and I hope they enjoy the ones I brought to them.  Seeing how well matched they are for each other was wonderful and I can only wish them a long and happy life together.

The shower went from 1 until 5 so Maya and I headed for home. When we arrived we freshened up and headed across the street to a family party that Ian had been invited to during the day and we were to join him there once we got home. It was lovely and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. I was very happy to meet Carmen’s husband and the rest of her family.  She is the mother of the girls best playmate who spends time at her grandmothers and they all love each other as only 4 and 5 year olds can love a best friend. The food was outstanding and the family very gracious including Ian’s family in their celebration.

So tired parents and children are in bed and grandma is longing for sleep so this is the end of my story for today.  This heat in DC is terrible.  I cannot say it enough.

I just read the letter I am going to post from Pat’s sister Mary.  It becomes more and more obvious they did not know how sick she was.  Not that anything they could have done would have helped her and maybe she was smart to stay away as long as she did.

So here you go. It just gets me sadder and sadder.

Wednesday Dec 29, 1948
Fort Frontenac
Kingston, Ontario

Pattsy Dear,

Thanks so much for the nice weekend. I hope I didn’t tire you. I like to think of you all tucked in yesterday & today & getting rested up.

Mother was delighted with the candy & nuts, but a little annoyed you didn’t keep them for yourself. There was a card in the box of candy which I will enclose in this or my next letter – in case I mail this on my way home.

I have drafted a letter to Dr. Bird for you. Mistee says he will speak to Jack Baker & try & find out what’s been done.

Now Pattsy dear, I am worried about your cough etc. I promised not to push you into doing anything you didn’t want to & I am trying to keep that promise. But I am sorry I didn’t go to Miss Henderson & ask her if you could have a couple of weeks leave right now without threatening your job. I have made inquiries here & sick leave without pay is I think very easily arrange for colds, flu, etc if you haven’t been employed long enough to use your 1 ½ days per month with pay. So why don’t you please consider your bonus as those week or two weeks pay & please come home just long enough to fix up that cough & your side. If you would prefer to work over the New Year to help out with Miss H’s time schedules then ask her to take your leave starting next Monday, the 3rd.

If you would rather not ask her yourself, any of us would immediately but I thought you might refer to do it yourself. Please, please, dear you’re tired and you need to get that cough settled before you can rest properly.

I have made my letter to Dr. Bird rather strong – you may change or leave out any part but I wanted to present a strong care.

I phoned Buffalo last nite & will go tomorrow noon – I will be most anxious to hear what you decide & will I hope be seeing you Monday or Tuesday evening. If you would rather we would ask, just say the word to Dad or the boys while I’m away & they will do the writing.

We want to follow your wishes in this as in anything else, but also we want to feel that you will get help the moment you need it.

I’ll give your love to them in Buffalo & will be anxious to hear what you decide.

Love Mary

Draft of letter written by Mary for Pat to Dr. Bird
Dept of Veteran’s Affaires,
27 Princess Street,

Dear Dr. Bird,

I would like to inquire concerning the application for a pension which I made last October. You were hopeful then that I might hear in six to eight weeks. I am in Montreal now, or I would have dropped in to see you personally.

I am most anxious to know what action has been taken. I have been refused re-employment by the Army on medical grounds. I still suffer some ill effects from my previous illness, and if my means of livelihood is threatened, I am desirous of learning as soon as possible, if I can expect compensation.

I may be in Ottawa some time next month, and I will, especially if you think it might hasten action on my behalf, present my case directly. I would appreciate knowing my file number, so that I may refer to it.

Thank you, Doctor, for your past cooperation and any further consideration you may be able to give me now.


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