June 11 part two – “Face Your Fear and Watch It Disappear”

I was up early this morning and after a false start – got a block away and realized I did not have an easy pass on the car – I got going down the highway.  I was nervous about driving in the new/used car for 7.5 hours in the heat further south and not being sure of all the things one has to do to make sure the car is doing what it is suppose to do.  But lo and behold, I faced it and the trip worked out quite well.  The navigator can be very nice or very annoying. Still does not seem to appreciate my using Ian’s directions over hers  Oh well, Navi will have to just get over it.

One thing I really liked with the navigator was that it told me what time I would arrive and you know it was correct.  Got here and into the house by 4:30 just in time for Ian to call me and say he was on his way home. I unpacked the food and was ready for him when he arrived so we could go to school and pick up the girls.  They gave me a wonderful welcome which I really appreciated.

They played outside after dinner with their friend Kennedy and then after baths and their evening rituals getting ready for bed we read stories. I read the entire “Wizard of Oz” in the original version to Solveig. She can read it herself but likes to be read to as well.

Tomorrow the girls and I will have to make a plan for what we want to do.  If it is 97′ again I might just decide to run a play area in my bedroom here as it has an air conditioner. Dang I hate this heat.

I was thinking of things to write about one my way down but it is 11:30 and I am beat. So will just put another of the letters to Pat on here. Ian and I did discuss Pat’s letters and how her comments about the movie “Rhapsody in Blue” really blew him out of the water.  I agree with him.  I was  totally taken off guard with her comment.  Especially after just returning from the German border and heading about all the awful things they had done. Oh well, we are now much later into her short life.

The following letter is from Pat’s sister in law Jean, married to her brother Maurice. I have searched for info on Bingham and Rutherford.  Bingham was a stomach doctor.  Have not figured out what Rutherfords specialty was but I suspect it was pulmonary.

197 Victoria St
Dec 27/48

Dear Patt:
This is not to urge you to come home for rest and diagnosis and treatment but to tell you we want you to feel free to act as you feel best for your own interests despite the fact everyone would rest easier if they knew they could go and get you and find you happy to be coming home for a six months rest. Wouldn’t you feel better to come home, to see Bingham and to have him advise you about a course of action and then follow it? Why don’t you leave the job now and not go back until your cough is better. You would have your nice little apt and the radio and we’ll keep the ice box full of anything you want and you can play bridge in the evening and relax until you are better. In the early summer you can come to the country for four months and soak up the sunshine and vegetables. Why do you feel you have to work? Girls have just gone outside the home in the last few years.

I know it is easy for the rest of us to advise but we don’t know how you feel. When I am sick I like to do what I want to do and so everyone has decided that the decision is yours, Patt, but you can count on all the help you need from any of us if you will just say the word.

We felt you should see Miss Henderson and see if your time could be moved up a little early and someone here will make appointments for you to see Rutherford and Bingham. I will be glad to go with you if you want me too. There must be simple treatment that would relieve a dreadful cough like you have. Rest would certainly help your hernia.

Think it over Patt. Let us know what you want and we will all be glad to cooperate.
Lots of love, Jean.


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