June 11, 2015 – Curiosity makes us young

I had a day of fun really. Trying to figure out all kinds of things about how  Prius works. What fun!  Learned how to charge the Traction battery at least I think that is that power source is called.  Put three gallons of gas in the car. So now I can really see how much gas this car uses on the long trip.  I figured out what I had to fill out on the paperwork to get ready to sell the Carolla.  So, wow, what a time. Paid all the outstanding bills that I had and RSVP’s some invites.  A good day in all and I am pretty well packed and ready to head out.

So, maybe tomorrow night there will be pictures of some cute little kids.  Let’s hope my navigator gets me there in good time.  Going to be interesting to have the darn thing talking to me along the way,  So ready, set, go!

So if all goes well by next monday I will have this car down a lot better.

We are going to take a turn here. The letters from Pat have ended but there are a few that people might enjoy reading. They are sad really but it is from around the time of her death in 1948 and 1949. I wrote a bit of an introduction so will put that in tonight as well as one of the letters. The following is the beginning:

In late December 1948 many in the family were writing to Pat trying to get her to come home. She had this cough that just would not stop and they were all worried about her. Mary went to visit her and reported that she had a lovely visit but that the cough was still terrible. Jean wrote her and offered to come up and come home with her and that she could stay with Jean and Maurice where she would get constant attention and then in the spring go out to the farm with them so she would get the benefit from the fresh air and home grown food. Each of the siblings and parents in Kingston wrote to her between Christmas and New Years which tells me that they were all really worried. It was not long after that that she did come home.
Pats death was a shock to her entire family. They had known she was not well but she kept it from them and told her coworkers not to contact her family. Only at the end did the head nursing sister call Kingston and tell them Pat was dying and to come and bring her home. The various siblings came to see her, my mother being one of them. They all tried to spend some time with her since the end was so near. She was still spunky though. She had the funeral director come and see her and she told him exactly how she wanted her funeral to be. No purple drapes behind the casket as they were too somber. She wanted a celebration of her life and it would appear that is what she got. They had the wake at 193 Earl St., the family home. So many people came because she was so young, had so many friends and because of her time in the service so many military who knew her. Towards the end of the wake a letter arrived from Charles Devaney. That letter was never opened and was placed in the casket to die with her. Her parents were devastated but this was just the beginning of a string of losses for the family over the next years.
The following letters start before that time and end with last letters written to Pat. They include the letters from the family before she returned home from Montreal at the time of Pats death.

this first letter is from Bertha Davidson the mother of our Aunts Jean and Connie written in 1946 when it appears Pat was already having spells of illness.

Chesley, Nov 30, 1946

My Dearest Pat,

I receive a letter from Jean and I was very sorry to hear you were in the hospital again. I know Pat you found there was not a better little soldier than you and you will come through this with flying colors and I will look forward to next year when we can enjoy a good movie together. I saw “Green Years” a few days back and have just finished reading the book and enjoyed them both very much.

We have had almost summer weather for the last few weeks. I had a beautiful drive up to Owen Sound and around the country and really I never saw the trees so wonderful with color. Mothers gets out often and loves it. Lynda and Ern want me to go down to Toronto with them the weekend of he 11th. I am going to try and go. We are waiting for word from Kathleen that she will be up this weekend with the children I hope she doesn’t decide that it is next weekend she wants to come.

I am enclosing a little joke Pat. I hope you get a laugh out of it. Connie sent it to me a number of years ago and when I would unearth it from somewhere I would find the joke new again so I hope you do. Give my love to Sheila and all the family. With my sincere wishes and prayers for your speedy recovery and you will be just you again.
Bertha D.


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