June 9, 2015 – Gather Strength From Lifes Storms

I did not write anything yesterday although so much was running through my head.  It was a busy day as they all seem to be lately.  I started out with Coffee with Denise at Panera’s and we had a nice visit since we probably will not see each other until the fall.  Then we both went to the last Zumba class at the Senior Center until the fall. I actually had not been to any of the classes this spring and wish I had. So I will start again in the fall. Great exercise and the teacher is so cute and funny,

After the class I went down stairs to have a chat with Rosemarie and ended up sitting and talking for three hours. She is such a wonderful person. We caught up on her kids and her life and mine.  Found out her daughter has been dating this wonderful young man for a year and now he has been drafted by the Tampa Bay Major League baseball team and will probably go and do that rather than playing for Wake Forest.  I had heard what a nice young fellow he was but then it was confirmed.  I don’t know why but I feel so attached to Rosemarie and her children.  We met them during one of life’s terrible storms for them, the death of her husband and the kids Dad who was I am told just a wonderful person. They needed a Santa for Christmas Eve and we were asked by a friend at church if we would do it and of course, what else could one do.  For the next bunch of years every Christmas eve Santa would come to their house at about 6 pm and give each of the kids a gift their mom had wrapped for them.  Over time we all became very close in a special way.  I know the two girls better than their brother but he is also just one special guy. The little one is graduating from High School and it is hard to believe she was four when we first met her.   The year she stopped believing or knew the truth, figured it out etc. They called and said we did not have to come on Christmas Eve but instead they would like to come and visit us.  It was very sweet. They brought us a picture of the three of them with Santa and home made cookies.  It was hard to end the tradition but the relationship has never ended.  Some how they have become a part of us.  And the strength they have all gained from the loss of Tom and learned from the strength of their mother  will carry all three of them far.  I just feel so lucky to have them in my life.

I have learned a lot from the storms in my life. I could write a book about it. But then I would have to expose a lot about myself that I don’t think at this point I want to.  Maybe some day..

Let’s go back to Pat.

It appears she was to able to head for home when she thought she would.  But the end is coming quickly.. I feel sad every time I read this letter.  I have no idea what or why Charlie could not tell his family about Pat. It was not religion so what? A wife? A fiance? What kept them from not being able to stay together. We may never know.  Lots of guessing though.

Dec. 15/45
Van. Mil. Hosp.

Dearest Sheila:

Well, I am still here! Christmas time is a bad time to ask for a discharge. Mine took over three weeks to come through and now that it has the Depot is closed over the holiday season so Col. Hume called me to his office and really fixed me up fine. I can leave sometime next week, probably on the 21st. I don’t have to work anymore. Then I have two weeks leave because I’m home 3 months and then seven days for Christmas and after that I can be boarded out on M.E. 3. that brings me to the middle of Jan still on the old pay roll you have a smart sister Lt S O’Connor.

However I am going to die having to leave the ex- Major Devaney. He asks for you every time he calls and sees me. I explained to him that I told you before, I might be leaving and that is why you haven’t written to me to tell about Torquay. We can’t wait to hear. I adore him more and more. We are mad about each other – it will never change. He went to Edmonton for a few days and when he got back I said “Did you have a lovely time?” he said, Quote “it was nice seeing everyone but what hurt the most was not being able to tell them about you or talk about you for hours” I know what he means.

Had a letter from Mother today. She said the Mary’s were back with you again. Isn’t that perfect? Hope you have a perfect Christmas together and give them my best love. Mother says she is much better. She say Verna is pregnant, and Dad was awarded the highest award from International Newman Clubs. For outstanding support of Newman Club – a “gold key” Isn’t that lovely? Also that you got 10 parcels. I’m so glad they are arriving safely. Dying to hear if you like them. I can’t get enthusiastic about Christmas and anything else for that matter. Shall try to at home for there is only one thing either Charles or I want or ask for. I’d do anything on earth for that. Well sweetie. How is Bill? Write me at home and tell me everything maybe there’s a letter from you on the way.

Merry, Merry Christmas, Pat-


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