June 6th, 2015 – D-Day remembered

So much on my Facebook today about D-DAY.  I pay more attention because of Pat’s letters and soon to be read Sheila’s as well. They were both there at the time it happened. Sheila had just arrived in England and Pat’s hospital was getting ready to head for France.  They just did not know when they would be going.  It means so much more when I realize I had family that were dear to me there.  Before I got into all this family history I really never paid much attention to any of it.  I hope I can honor their memories in publishing their letters for the family to be able to read and those researching the war to also be able to read them.

Today was a fine spring day.  First on the agenda was heading for Toyota to pick up my new used car.  We then drove to the Maybee Farm for the Irish Heritage Day Festival.   It was nice, I have never been there before and really enjoyed seeing the place. They have  all kinds of outbuildings and had a blacksmith and a carpenter making items. Then they had two stages with various Irish music and dancers performing.  The food was not that great and there were crafts of various kinds  I found one hand made item  that will be great for a gift.


After that we went home for a few minutes and then went to the Polish Festival at Diane’s Church.  It was very nice indeed.  They also were selling items and it was great – I love the polish pottery and the nesting dolls etc.  The line for food was very long so I suggested we go home and I made pancakes and sausages and then we watched the Belmont.  Wow, was so excited that there was a triple crown winner.  My mom would have been so nappy. She loved those three races and would never miss those Saturday races once a year.  I suspect all the O’Connors grew up loving horses. They had ponies when they were little and their dad always had some horses.  I don’t remember my mom ever talking about riding when she was older but I suspect some of them rode.

The Prius is a very nice car although it is going to take some education to figure out how it all works.  There are so many bells and whistles that it takes time to figure them all out. My biggest desire is to start figuring out how much gas I am saving. I have to make sure I can turn off the navigator since it kept trying to take me to a Dunkin Donuts all the way home.  Pretty funny really. Every time we passed a street it told me to turn around and when I kept going it seemed to go nuts.  Or maybe I was reading that into it because by the time I got home I was yelling at it to shut up.

So, a good day all in all,

Another letter from Pat in Vancouver….

Van Mil Hosp
17 Nov 45’

HI dears:

Well the “old axe” has fallen. Ottawa and people discovered me out of my own district and letters have been traveling back and forth demanding my immediate return to Rideau Military. All of which does not suit me a bit so I am going to retire from the army. I am naturally torn between wanting to leave and wanting to stay but either way it is only a matter of months before we are asked to leave anyway. If it was like this time last year nothing could make me get out but there is nothing now and no future so come the end of the month I’ll put in for my discharge and be home when it comes through. I hope then to get one of the jobs I want but in the meantime I’ll stay with Mother and keep her company.

I think I’m making the best decision. I loathe Ottawa and Kingston Mil isn’t much better and I refuse to be bored with the job I’m in so sooner or later I’ll land on your doorstep a civilian again.

Till then,
love and kisses
“what do you think Dad!”
It looks like Pat is thinking of leaving. But what about Charles?  Guess we will have to wait for that.  She is so funny though, not willing to be bored. She would have made a great emergency room nurse…. Shock Trauma in Baltimore would have been perfect for her.  Such a great personality.  Woman after my own heart.

I will put a picture of my new car on once I publish this. need to use the Ipad to put it on.


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