June 3, 2015 – more plastic in the mouth – yuck

Today was a lovely day weather wise..  about 70 degrees with a breeze and total sunshine.  It would have been more fun if I could have been outside enjoying it totally.  But no, I had to have my teeth cleaned and make an appointment to get another crown.. This is getting boring and expensive – one right after the other.   This will make three of the darn things.  But have to do it I guess.  I was thinking of asking the doc if I could let it go until the fall but that seemed kind of dumb. So friday they will make the mold and if I am lucky there will be a new cap here before I go north. \

Then when I got home it was so nice out I decided to clean out my car.  Getting ready to either give it away or sell it.  Time for something used but much newer than this darling that I have had since 2003.  She has 165000 miles on her and I have never had a major problem with it but my mechanic keeps saying to me it is time to get something newer.  So tomorrow I go looking.

As I was cleaning out the car I realized I was not feeling to swift.  A little dizzy and nauseous.  I got as much done as I could but gave up on the idea of washing the inside after I had vacuumed it.  So I left the cleaning machine in the car and went in the house, made some tea and toast and after eating laid down and read.  So went my afternoon.  I get this dizziness every once and a while and have no idea what the cause is, could be allergies, something I ate, middle ear confusion, who knows.  Hopefully it will go away quickly.

So, not much to write about.. I was thinking of using my Irish Calendar again with the cute phrases in it as little themes of things to write about. But tonight I will just share with you another of Pat’s letters and see if I can find some pictures to go with it.

When she talks about Charles going up to see George – she is talking about King George.. Charles got a medal for his war time efforts.

Oct 25, 1945

Hi dears:

This week I had letters from Mother, Dad, Eileen and Marg and the clipping from Mother. I enjoyed all the letters very much and thanks a lot.\

I was glad to get the clipping. Charles told me in a letter that he was “going up to see George on Tues” so I knew he must have got the MBE or OBE. I am very happy, he really deserved one.

I am not working very hard. Other hospitals are getting a lot of the P.O.W.’s so things have died down here. However I am going on nite-duty Sat nite on the officer’s ward so expect to be thoroughly bored. If things do not improve I think I will get my discharge because I’m not really doing much and it’s so dull. If I could get a car I’d be able to get out and see things but I don’t seem to be able to get anywhere as far as getting one. I don’t suppose Dad could get me one on some grounds or other. I would be so thrilled if you could.

I bought a fur coat. Very wonderful! Brown lapin, very light in weight, lovely dark brown., has a lovely style. It looks perfect over my new red suit. The price was very reasonable – but then I said I’d rather not pay too much for one and have to wear it forever, so I’m very well-dressed these days.

I’m so sorry Mother is having trouble again with her back. What a shame.

I have lost Norah’s address. Would you mind sending it to me. I meant to keep a letter, I got from her with it on but can’t find it.

Hope all the children have recovered from the “chicken-pox” and are all well again. How is Michael doing?

Say “hello” and “welcome home” to Frank if he is there. Hope he had a lovely leave.

Well, my dears, this is a very newsless letter but I haven’t any to tell you. Doing nothing much but read and have some knitting now. Got some wool at our “occupational therapy” dept and am knitting Sheila some socks.

I went “riding “ with Mona the other afternoon in Stanley Park. Its so beautiful there. Saw a dramatic movie called “Love Letters” which was well done and quite interesting. I guess I told you I had a farewell dinner with Dillon one nite last week and saw him on the train back to Hamilton. I seem to spend my life saying good-bye to people.

Had a cable from Devaney saying he was on the Queen Liz and would be seeing me soon so I expect he will come out on some of his leave. It will be perfect seeing him again.

Do take care of yourself Mother and have a happy time. I’ll write again when I have something to write about. I do not like inflicting dull letters on anyone.

Have been studying up my Spanish lately too in all my spare time. Am going to try to get a “tutor” for awhile. Must get going.
love Pat
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