June 1, 2015 – rain, rain, so welcome finally

Hard to believe I am welcoming the rain.  Everything has been so dry and that is not good either. Hopefully this gentle rain is good for the crops and my bushes which have looked so unhappy.  It rained all the way home today but it did not get heavy so was not a problem.

The fellow at the border told me that we can no longer bring in eggs from Canada – due to Bird Flu which makes sense. I had told him I had two eggs but he did not take them away.  He did ask me to please not back up and change lanes again because if there was an accident it costs them so much time in filling out the paperwork it is awful for them.  I agreed I would not do that again and he wished me to have a good day and off I went.

I finally met some of the other folks who do the Doors Open. i was shocked when I heard how many people came to their sites. Over 400 counted at the Delta Mill – of course, people were coming there anyway and some were there because Delta Airlines did an article about them in their magazine on the flights.  But others had between 200-300 people. Made my 28 sound pretty lame. And they are struggling to get volunteers to help and in the fall might decide to cancel it all together.  But they did agree to try and get some of the paid economic development folks to come to a meeting to talk about how they could keep it going.  I hope it goes on because I really kind of like the weekend and the people I meet.

When I got home I was exhausted and curled up into bed with out unpacking anything and took a nap.  D got home at 5 and finally I got up and we went out for ribs which were very good and then a flourless chocolate cake that tasted more like fudge.

Pats letter tonight goes into the anger and hatred for the Japanese the prisoners of war had.  She was an outspoken little thing and in a few of her letters gets to sounding pretty darn prejudiced against a variety of ethnic groups.  I think it had to do with the times and growing up in a small town but maybe there was something to it and where it came from, the acceptability of some of her statements   I remember hearing some things said at my grandfathers house that would not have been allowed in my parents home.  And when my mother was having her strokes and living in assisted care she said somethings to aids that shocked me, that I had never heard her say in my lifetime.  Since she was living in her past I figured it was a reflection of some childhood language that as an adult she had learned not to use.

I guess Dill was the famous football player from Hamilton that I found on Google.  As usually she could pick them….

Oct 10/45

Dear Mother and Dad:

Every day is more lovely than the last out here. It is as hot as summer and the hospital seems to draw the heat terribly. I can’t believe it is Oct.

I went walking in Stanley Park on Sunday and it is so beautiful. Paths and flowers and water falls and animals and everything looks so green. Also, on Sunday was the big parade of the famous returning “Seaforths”. The place went mad. Isn’t it wonderful that they are back?

Dill was over for the weekend and we had a lot of fun. Did the usual things, dined and danced and saw a movie “Blood on the Sun” James Cagney. It was a story about an American reporter and the Japanese. Very good and quite thrilling. Dill is out of the “navy” and returning to Hamilton this week.

I have been following the “world series” this week and won the pool. The pts run pools on each game. They (the patients) are so wonderful. They have the best spirit. It must be the fact that they had nothing for so long that they are so generous and big hearted now.

They despise the Japs. Deny that there is anything highly cultured about them. They consider them a race totally useless to the world and I agree. They also hate the English. Feel that there was no preparedness for what was to happen to them. Also I agree. I spend all my free time talking to them. They are very interested in me and my being in Europe, want to know all about it and think they missed all the fun.

Some of their general health is quite remarkable but a great many are in very poor condition. Some haven’t walked for 18 mos or two years. Their feet and legs were dark purple but it is interesting to see them changing to red and even pink by degrees, and beginning to get feeling in them once again.

I haven’t any news other than them and I’m not interested in much else.

Do hope you are well and enjoying life. Had a letter from Sheila. I sent her three parcels today and have another nearly ready. Do hope she gets them all.

Got her the usual things – good soap, stockings, underwear, a beautiful sweater and pearls, candy, cigarettes, nuts, make up, in case you want to know what not to send. (I mean, so you won’t get the same)

Well, my pets, be good
Love Pat.

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