May 30, 2015 – Finally rain but then Ops!!!!

Last night there were no bumps in the night. No knocks on the door or any windows.  It might have been because I stayed up very late. Got to researching on the net and forgot the time.

What a gorgeous day!  Windy, blue skies and warmth.  I really enjoyed it.  Headed out after breakfast first to the Town Dump, I figure I need to be able to make that trip and know what goes where.  They are really pushing recycling  which is great for the town. I had much more go into the various recycling bins than into the dump itself.

Then I went to Wendy’s… lovely Wendy was there and we chatted about Doors Open, she did not participate this year which I did not realize. I bought two gluten free oatmeal cookies and then decided I deserved a treat so purchased myself a strawberry rhubarb pie to eat later…  What a terrific binge I plan to have.  They have more refrigerators and freezers of great organic fresh foods.  I did not purchase more since I am leaving but still, cannot wait to return sooner than later.

Then I headed off to Westport to buy a gift for a bride to be.  Had great success, found what I was looking for – real Canadian gift –  and then went to Kilbournes in Newboro looking for some Canadian items to compliment the gift and no luck.. so decided to head for the Green Gecko in Lyndhurst.  But along the way I decided to stop at Phillipsville to visit the graves of my gr gr grandparents and some of the other family members buried there  Some one seems to have been trying to clean up some of the grave stones – the moss or what ever that stuff is that grows on them seems to be taken off some of them.  I was happy to see that.. I wish I could read the writing on the bottom of Daniel and Bridgets grave stone. It is in very fancy writing and appears to be a prayer or a quote.

Then it was on to the Green Gecko where I scored some fun things to add to my gift.  I felt so successful.  Had a chat with the woman in there about how many people she had stop by – She only had four come on Saturday which was less than my 7.  Neither number were very good for an entire day.

I was really tired when I got back.. the chair was still at the end of the driveway – I really thought someone would want an office chair… I made some lunch and then sat outside reading but I could hardly keep my eyes open so in I came and curled up on the couch in the school house – At about 5:45 Denis called to fill me in on his day at Union. Guess I had had a little sleep. Never going to finish this darn book I am reading.  As we started talking I looked out the window and the beautiful blue sky was gone – it was dark and ominous.  Then all of a sudden sheets of rain started falling, oh dear, the chair… well I guess it is a very wet chair now. Maybe the rain will clean it and the sun dry it out and then I might decide to keep it. Right!  LIke we really need two of the same office chair.

I am sitting here listening to NPR and the Moth Story Hour.  I love the stories they tell. Storytelling is such an art. Not sure I can do it very well even after taking some classes.

So to end this evening here is another of Pat’s letters from Vancouver.

Sept 19, 1945
Vancouver Mil

Dear Mother and Dad:

I haven’t had any mail yet but I am hoping you are fine and happy. Michael is probably home now. I hope he is as good as new.

I am quite settled down here and so far it’s so good. I can’t see how this hosp will stay open very much longer because it is not busy and has no prospects of getting that way.   We have started the 8 hr shift. I work days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is much nicer. We get a 48 hr leave a month. I get one next Mon and Tues. so I am going to Victoria. Thought of flying over, then decided I would take the boat and see the country. It takes 5 hours by boat. I have a berth for the return trip.

Dillon S came over last Fri nite getting in at 7 a.m. I had to work until three – after I came off we went downtown, had dinner at the “Vancouver Hotel”. It is a very beautiful, huge hotel, we had dinner on the sixteenth floor and the view of the city is glorious. Later we went to a nite – club called the “Cave” which was fun but it was very crowed etc and it seemed strange to be among civilians again. I wasn’t too impressed.

Sun I had an a.m. so we went riding though Stanley park. It is very beautiful. I want to spend a lot of time there. Sun nite we had dinner at the Georgia Hotel and then I went to the boat to see Dill off, then home.

Mon nite I saw a rather nice movie called “You Came along” Story about three fliers! I went with Mona Frasier, my roommate. She has a sister living here in Van. so after the movie we went to her place for coffee.

Yesterday I met Audrey Oliver downtown. (she is the girl I met on the train) She showed me the shopping district which is very big and looks very plentiful. Audrey is very sweet. Looks a little like Carmel. She stays with cousins out here called Norris so we had dinner with them at their home and spent the evening. They have a car and want to take me driving to see the city.

And that is about the extent of my news.

I hope to hear from you soon and that everything is okay.
love to everyone
Here is a picture of the Hotel Vancouver. Wow, that is some building and one of the entrance to the dining room.. elegant


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