May 29, 2015 – things that go bump in the night

It was such a lovely night for sleeping. The body was exhausted and achy from all the work of the day and ready for at least 8 good hours of sleep.  It was not too warm or too cool so it was ideal.  She curled up in bed and feel into a deep sleep. No dreams, nothing to interrupt the long nights sleep.

But then sometime during the night it happened again.  The knock, knock….. it happened twice in the middle of the night. The first set of knocks stirred her from the depth of her sleep, the second knocks woke her up.  Who could be coming to the door at this hour and out here.  Maybe Ed was in trouble! But if he were he would be knocking loud and hard and probably yelling as well.  There is no one else around. What could it be?

With the first set of knocks she just stirred and developed an awareness of what was happening. After the second set she felt all her muscles tightening and her nervous system going into alert mode.  Then she waited.  No more knocks, no calls from anyone.  She lay there and thought ” I wonder if this is all a dream?”  But then she realized this is not the first time this has happened.  Earlier in the week it happened as well.  Some one trying to get her attention.  Who could it be? Why do they want her to wake up?

And then slowly it dawned on her that it is not anyone of this time and place.  Who ever is knocking is not here in reality but either in a very realistic dream or coming from a place not in this time.  What can she do about it? Her response to herself was to tell herself to roll over and go back to sleep.  Some day in some way maybe the spirit who was trying to reach her would make things more clear but until then there is little she can do about it.  So sleep it was, a deep restful sleep.

Yes indeed, that was my night last night and as much as I try and figure it out I cannot so at least it makes a tiny short story.

Great day today. I was very sore from all the work yesterday but to be honest I am very happy with the condition of this place. I cleaned out the entry way, sorted items, cleaned the floor and started getting items together to take to the dump. Also ran to the store for water and stopped an an antique store and bought a cute little chair for the smaller desk. I think it is too small but Asta Bear can use it somewhere. Maybe even for her dolls.

I washed some items that had been in bins for too long and needed to be freshened up and hung out some quilts just to air them out.  And then I decided to try an experiment and put out a chair at the side of the road with a Free sign on it. It was still there at 7:30 so I rolled it back and covered it in plastic. But I think I will put it out tomorrow and see if someone will take it.  Love the idea of clearing out some of the excess furniture around here.  I might take one of the chairs up to the loft. But anything with that darn mold on it will have to go I think.  The stuff drives me crazy.

Made a pizza for dinner with a nice glass of red wine.  Am out of ice cream bars, So-Delicious coconut milk bars, they are just yummy.

Pat returned from Europe in the late summer of 1945 and got herself transferred to the Vancouver Military Hospital. Those letters are pretty darn interesting so I will post a few of those and then move on to Sheila’s letters. It appears she did not even take a month off when she go home since she was in Vancouver by the beginning of September.

Sept 14, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad:
I am on duty with very little to do. Very dull, I assure you. All the patients are up and around and don’t need much of anything. I have seen several that I had overseas so we have talked the whole thing over.

This is a beautiful hospital – all one floor and new. Just built in April. There is a great deal of “spit and polish” – but that is the extent of the work. The situation of the hosp. isn’t very pretty because the area around it is being built up. Should be very lovely someday. Big apartment buildings and streets with darling houses are also going up. The n/s are nice but coming and going. A lot are being discharged. I have run into a few I know and I am rooming with Mona Fraser – she came back from England with me and arrived last nite and wanted me to room with her. She was at Basingstoke with Sheila.

My trip out as I told you was simply lovely. I didn’t want to get off the train. They stopped at all the most beautiful sites so we could get out and look at them. The air smelled like pine and cedar all mixed up. Below the mountain the Fraser River runs and I think it makes them more beautiful. In some places the water is clear and very green and in others rough and swift. There was a great deal of snow on some of the bigger mountains. We saw a little wild life, a couple of baby deer, and a moose and the foot prints of many more. It was quite an engineering feat to push that railway through that vast, immense country.

Dill Southwick called me last nite from HMCS Naden(?) in Victoria. He is getting his discharge very soon – a week or two so he won’t be staying out here. He is going to spend a couple of days over here this weekend so we can see a little of this city.
I do wish I had that car I want. I am missing seeing so much. Hope I can get one soon.

Well, my dears, I hope your’re well and happy. Write soon and thanks for everything.
Love and kisses, Pat
How is Mike doing?
Here is an obituary about Dillon Southwick…  I am assuming it is one and the same since he is the only Dillon Southwick I can find anywhere…

The Hamilton Spectator     Wednesday June 9, 1982

Pickles dies at 65
Funeral Services were held this morning for Dillon ‘Pickles’ Southwick, former backfielder with Hamilton Tigers, Alerts, and Wildcats during the late 1930s and ’40s.

Southwick died Sunday in St. Catharines at the age of 65.
Breaking into senior ranks whle still a teenager, Southwick had a promising football career interrupted by the Second World War and left the Wildcats to serve as a commissioned officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Former president of Bayview Supplies Limited, Southwick is survived by his wife, Helen, two daughters and two granddaughters.


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