May 28, 2015 – Jameson and me…… a well deserved treat

As a young lassie I use to drink Vodka and 7-Up with lemon.. But as time went on and wine became the drink of choice for so many I went from the hard stuff to red wine and then to white ones.  But as some of you know during our wonderful months in Ireland I kept seeing these ads and coasters in pubs for Jameson, Ginger and Lime.. I have never drank Whiskey in my life and one evening I decided to order one much to the shock of husband….  Well, it turns out that it is quite a nice drink. Pleasant taste with the ginger ale and the lime gives it a little spark. So tonight to celebrate my day of furniture moving I am treating myself to a drink of Jameson, Ginger and Lime. There must be some lovely Irish song I could have playing as I write and have a sip.

Cleaning and moving was what today was about.  The furniture in this place did not do well over the long time we were away – there was a film of mold on some pieces of furniture which is very distasteful but easily removed but takes some time and energy.  So for the last two days I have been washing furniture and floors.  Today I don’t know what came over me but I decided to move the furniture around.  I was sick and tired of the chaos in here.  By 6 pm I had moved the kitchen island into a different position just to try it out. The living room furniture is all switched around.  The new dresser for hubby is in the bedroom and the computer table is in the living room. And I was given permission to junk some furniture we were storing here for cousins.  So I think this place will be back to its former sparse look. Or not so cluttered.  There are two boxes of books ready to go to the library as donations.  I have read three so far this week myself.  Denis only reads on his kindle and I love a book in my hand and will use the library once I go through the 30 or so books waiting to be read.

The best news is that I am finally relaxed.  It takes some time once I get here to really get rid of the stress.  No TV helps, no newspaper to be read every morning, and no phone calls or meetings.  Even the emails are fewer so far. I have figured out my schedule – wake up early, don’t get up, at 9 am put the Roundtable on the computer from WAMC until 10 and listen to it while I eat breakfast.  Then decide at 10 what I will do for the day.  My kind of true retirement.  It is similar to what I do at home but here I have eliminated all the extra stuff around so it makes life easier.

Once all this setting up is done then I can go to work on the book.  Pat’s letters either as they are or as a story.  Still have not made the final decision about it. The story is fun to write because I find I really have figured her out and can get into her character.  I love what she is like.  She was a woman who knew what she wanted and what the consequences were to wanting it.  When she talks about the war her main focus is making sure she is up where the action and not taking care to make sure she is safe.  That is never a topic.  She loved adventure and in her few short years before her death she certainly was able to accomplish that.

Here is one of her last letters home before returning to Canada

12 July 45, Thursday

Hi dears:

And how are you all? It’s three weeks since I have had mail from home so I trust no news is good news. The weather should be lovely now so I hope you are making the most of it after the dreadful spring you had.

It’s rather nice here in Eng these days but can get very cold. The countryside is gorgeous.

The ward I work on is not very busy and its perfect working with pts who are quite well – at least the majority are. Sheila and I are both going on “nite-duty” Sat. I don’t mind because nite or day is the same to me now and in a way I prefer being on nites. We work 8 to 8 which isn’t bad and one nite off a week.

Was up to London last week for two days. Stayed at the Savoy and it was heavenly. Saw a movie for a change and went to dinner and danced in the main dining room of the hotel. Wonderful change.

It’s perfect having Sheila. My roommate moved out and let her move in so we are quite happy to be together. I am glad I am here because so far she doesn’t like it and being alone in a new place as big as this isn’t much fun. I am more used to it.

Well, I do hope Mother is better and that everything is fine and dandy at home. How is Susan, would like to hear about her, and how all the children are enjoying the summer.
Love Pat
Sheila had a letter from Steve (?) and he said both Mother and Dad looked fine.

Here is a youtube of music from 1945


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