May 27, 2015 – the big cat

Today I finally think I saw what my dear neighbor Ed has been telling me about for a couple of years.  I pulled up the bathroom shade and there it was.  A huge cat sitting off in a field staring at the house.  I went to the door and looked at it again but it had not moved an inch.  So, I decided to take some pictures to show one and all.  Well darn that thing I just sat and sat and I took pictures. I tried to bring the picture up as large as I could but it still does not do it justice.  This is one huge critter with a very long tail.

My thoughts are that this multicolored cat is probably just the largest kitty I have ever seen. Ed has told me he thinks it is a bobcat.  It has small ears and a very long tail which I guess bob cats have.  I was wondering if it was a mixed breed, part house cat and part bob cat?  Anyway, until I finally opened the door did it finally decide to head back into the woods.  So, I will have to watch and see it I can see it again.  Just trust me, it is really big and fast. And not fat but big, probably about two feet tall or more when sitting upright.


In the mornings I get up and check facebook and email to see what is what out in the world.  I was terribly upset when I saw that the board of Niskayuna Rowing had fired the boys coach the day after they had won the nationals.  He thinks it has something to do with parents, typical for our town, who think he is pushing their kids too hard, or not giving their kids the chance to do what they, the parents, think their child is entitled to.  Mike is a really nice guy and has taken the teams to a new level, but now he is gone and of course the kids are upset since they like him.  And I guess they will also lose his wife who is another one of the coaches.  Sometimes I really think the faster I move out of this town the better off I will be.

Over protecting your kids does not teach them anything except that they are not suppose to be ever seen as doing anything wrong.  My husband has kids who cheat at the college level and cannot believe there are consequences to their behaviour since all through their lives mommy and daddy have made it all go away when they have done something wrong. Or if they don’t like a teacher the parents will just have the child moved to a different class rather than teach them that sometimes in life you have an adult you are working with or who can make or break your job that is not as sweet and nice and actually expects something from you.  How are are youth suppose to grow up into responsible adults if the adults around them don’t see that there are consequences for certain behaviors?  And the truth is all those trophies kids get for just being on a team whether they ever win a game or not also does not give them good messages. Sometimes you are not number one and you are not always the best at everything and although your parents tell you how wonderful you are and that you can be anything you want to be, That does not always hold true. Yes it is good to let kids know you love them and believe in them but really now. Not every kid is a genius. Some kids are just plain average at most things and some kids are not even average. They all have good qualities but to instill in them that they can be at the top of the heap is proablbly not fair.

I always thought my children were wonderful and smart and could do anything they wanted to but I think they also learned that not everyone can win all the time and that what you do is totally up to you to set your goals and then try to achieve them. But then there is also the need for a plan B.  Sometimes that first dream does not come true.

Anyway. enough of my frustratons.  Time for a letter from Pat to her Aunt Madeline.

July 9, 1945

Dear “Mad”

And how are you? Its ages since I have heard from you and I miss your letters. They always tell me all the news. However Sheila gave me the clippings which you sent and I found them very interesting. Thanks for them and for the card that was my birthday present. I thought it was lovely and very sweet of you.

Now let’s see what is new with me. I hated leaving Holland! The year I spent on the continent was I think the best year I ever had and it was quite a letdown coming back to England but having Sheila here with me is very nice. The hospital is big and rambling not too busy and everyone is terrible nice.

I spent nine days in Torquay and it was simply lovely. Very tropical looking, palm trees etc. The weather was pretty good for England and I stayed at the biggest and most beautiful hotel. It was high on a hill with landscaped lawns running down to the sea. Lots of entertainment, good food and wonderful service. I got a good tan and feel very healthy.

The “transient camp” for n/s’s going back to Canada is here so I see all the girls I know as they are passing through. I have a lot of good friends and it’s fun seeing them.

Spent my day-off in London. Stayed overnite at the Savoy. Saw Bob Hope who was staying there while he entertained the troops. He is a dear and has done so much for the forces.

What’s new dear and how is everyone? Give Mrs. Green and Art and Jack and everyone …… my love.

Hope to see you all before Christmas at least… Love to you, Pat
I found this on line about the Savoy:

and this from Wikipedia

It is for sure Pat did not fool around when it came to staying places and maybe she was there with Charles… We can all fantasize about that can’t we? And I will add a picture of the cat after I publish this as it is on my ipad..


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