May 25, 2015 – One of those lovely rainy days

I usually don’t have much energy when it is rainy and wet outside.  But I believe I accomplished a good deal today.  Upon rising up it was decided that today would be a cleaning day.  Starting with the kitchen systematically going counter by counter figuring out what needed to be put away and what could be tossed.  I put vinegar in the coffee maker and ran it through once and tons of yucky stuff came out of it. Then did it again and it ran clear.  A few more go rounds to get rid of the vinegar and make sure it was running smoother.  Mission accomplished.

Then I had to do something about the books.  There is this sweet little book shelf that is right below where Ron has been working on the loft and there was sawdust on the shelves and the books.  So, out they all came and everything got cleaned. The dilemma was what to do with the books.  I sorted local history and nature books and put them back on then started to sort the fiction – what to keep and what to take to the library.  Lots it turns out will be going to the library.  I usually don’t remember the outcomes of murder mysteries especially after 10 years so could read them again but then again I can always take them out of the library if I need to.  But considering the number of books we have – half of them are going to the library.  I will keep enough so that guest will never be at loss to find something to read that is current and of course there are all the old, old books they could read.  I may go through those and see what to keep and figure out a good place to donate them.  Wonder if Queens has a collection of old text books?

On a whim I went into the second bedroom which has been closed up since August. Found out we have four empty plastic bins and I need to find a place for them  Put some mouse poison in the closet and took everything out of the bottom. There are old picture frames, What will I do with them?  No clue but again, why am I keeping some of this stuff?  Denis is falling off his chair by now reading that I am getting rid of things. shocking isn’t it? Sad but true, Seems I finally have the ability to say enough is enough.

When going through the books I picked out one to read today.  About a young woman who’s father gets into trouble and most of the family ends up in witness protection.  But the oldest daughter does not and her best friend who looks like her is shot. She knows they were trying to kill her to get at her father.  So that is what I did for an hour or so in the late afternoon. That and a late lunch.

I think the kind of rain we are having now is what is needed. Light but consistent.  Everything looks greener than it did this morning.

Today an invitation came for lunch tomorrow down in Ivy Lea.. Should be very nice – six of the woman from the neighborhood. Will be fun meeting some new folks and expanding who we know around here.

I read on facebook that Louisiana is cutting off trade with Ireland because of their new law. I wonder what other countries they should be cutting off trade with if they are basing trading with countries on if they have laws that contradict their personal moral beliefs.   Let’s see, Love thy neighbor as yourself – Oh they would have to stop doing business with any one in Louisiana then wouldn’t they??? Don’t judge lest you be judged?  Do not worship false Gods.  would that include corporations which have become the false Gods of the world? How about any country that has legalized abortion – that would eliminate trade with most of Europe.  We could go on and on.. What does Bobby Jindall think he is going to get for this?  Oh yet, Votes. Nothing to do with moral belief – it is about votes.

Sorry I know my right wing relatives will find the above upsetting to them and they will probably cut me off again but you know what – my beliefs are between God and me, as are theirs.  And they are not given the role of judge and jury about right and wrong.  I just don’t like politicians coming out against something just to get votes. Especially something dumb like cutting off trade with Ireland.  Do you now how many people would not vote for him, not because they agree with the law but because no one attacks Ireland!!!!!


Here is a letter from my darling Aunt Pat

22 Cdn Gen Hosp
July 3,1945

Dear Mother and Dad:

I’m back at work once again. My leave was lovely. The day I wrote you I had dinner at the Imperial Hotel and managed to get a room. A cancellation! So from then on it was heavenly – the room was beautiful, French windows that opened on a flag stoned terrace with a balustrade over which climbed every color rose imaginable. Then the lawn was landscaped to the sea – about 150 yards. The weather also was quite nice. Dining and dancing very nite. I had roast chicken for the first time since I came overseas. Saw a lot of people I know. Charles flew over for my last two days and brought me back here. Had dinner at the Savoy in London between trains.

Went over to see Marg Steele on Sun at Aldershot. Saw Cec Robinson – he is posted there.

Had dinner with Denny Whitaker last nite. Perfect seeing him again. He looked wonderful in the red tabs and has a beautiful staff car of course. This place so out of the way that a car is essential.

Had a letter from Dad and Ferg when I got back from leave. So happy Mother is improving.

I was so thrilled that the soldiers vote defeated King.

I have been out of soap now for six months. I am desperate!!!!! Sent to Simpsons but the mail has been all burned at Liverpool so I guess I won’t get it, so maybe you would send me some. I hate to bother you but I must be clean. I would adore some “Baby’s Own” love Pat

here is an obit for Cec Robinson:

And here is something about Denny Whitaker.  I assume this is one and the same fellow.  Pat only seemed to hang around with the best and the brightest…

And then there is Baby’s Own Soap

Baby's Own Soap


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