May 24, 2015 – “We are all heroes” Are we really?

I was listening to the radio this morning to get the news and on came this piece about the Eurovision music competition and some kid from Sweden won and sang a song about We are all heroes of our time….. really? What is a hero anyway? According to Webster a hero is:

a :  a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability

b :  an illustrious warrior

c :  a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities

d :  one who shows great courage

I think most people think of a hero as the person who runs into a burning building and saves lives or goes to war and actually faces the enemy.   It seems today that the definition is being watered down.  If all young people are heros, why? what have they done to make the heroic?  I am not a heroine.  What risky things have I ever done for the good of mankind?  Maybe we as individuals see someone in our lives who has overcome terrible circumstances to become someone special.  And those are our personal heroes.   I know a few folks of great courage who overcame their disbilities or at least although they still have the disabilities they rose above them.
Aunt Pat was not a hero in my eyes.  She loved being in the middle of the action, never faced the enemy herself but was doing what she loved, nursing and being in an adventure.  She worked long hard hours for the troops for sure so maybe she had noble qualities.
So, back to the question – what is it about young people that this young man in Sweden thinks they are all heroes?  I suppose I should see if I can find a copy of the song he sings and check out the words. It seems to go along with the idea that they are the center of their worlds.   But you know. I know quite a large group of young people in my community that are very accomplished in school but give of themselves to others. They donate time and energy to build houses for Habitat, they volunteer in nursing homes, they do for others as they see their parents role modeling for them. Giving back for all the good they have in their lives.  I don’t see them yet as heroes but I do see them as potential heroes since they are learning the skills to put others first.
If you have a thought on this I would love to hear it.  My head is spinning as I think about this, that is why I am writing this  now.  It is not ten in the morning but after hearing that I did not want to lose the thought.
So here is a letter from Pat. almost to the end. I am thinking of putting Sheila’s letters on here next because she was so different from her sister.  Not as adventurous for sure. Just following in Pat’s footsteps, not always happily.
25 June 1945
Torquay, England

Hello dears:

Torquay is beautiful. Surrounded by the sea and build high up on the cliffs. From the veranda of the Imperial Hotel, the most wonderful place in the town and the one hotel I did so want to stay at, but couldn’t get in – however I am there most of the time – you look down into the blue sea where sail boats are playing about.
Across the bay are numerous other hotels, beautiful gardens and every flower imaginable all down the slopes and in some places are very dense spots. The Imperial, as I say, is glorious. The dining room looks over the water. It is owned or managed by the same people who have the Savoy in London. The supper dance at nite is lovely, good food, good music, the cool verandas and the nites have been warm and lots of moonlight. It is quite tropical here.
I have loved every minute of it. Have been getting lots of sleep, swimming and sun. I am quite tanned once again. I am waiting for a call from Sheila to tell me if she can spend a few days down here with me. I would love her to see it in June.
The whole town is hills and the views are breath taking. The colour and greenness of the place!!! Wish you were all here.
Hope your well and happy. will mail this when I can.
Love of love and kisses Pat
Imperial Hotel, Torquay, England
Do hope Mother is tons better.

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