May 23, 2015 – long day but fun day

Well, you would think with so much on ones plate a person would be awake early, but no not today. I woke up at ten to nine and remembered I had to have the building open for 10.  Talk about jumping up in a hurry and getting going.  But you know what? By 10 am the flowers and flags were on the porch, the doors were open and ready to receive visitors – and no one came until about 1 pm.  Talk about a slow long morning.  I drank 2 cups of coffee, had half a bagel and cheese and grapes. Then I had lunch of cheese and crackers and apple and then someone showed up.  I figured if I did these various things someone would come calling.

The folks who did come were very nice and I finally met someone from the Doors Open Committee which was very nice. Bonnie Burke and her husband stopped by as they were checking out parts of the county they usually never get to.  And there were three women came from Brockville and Lyn and then two from Smiths Falls.  Nick Kaiser and Emily stopped by as well but they really don’t count since they are family.  One of the woman from Smiths Falls really thinks we should try doing music nights or story telling up here.  I wonder if I could get some NY storytelling folks to come up one weekend to visit me and we could host a story telling event?  I need to put together a to do list.

Last night as I was waiting for something – old minds forget quickly – I sat and read some of my mothers letters to my aunt Madeline. They were so interesting as they were about events in our lives and in her early married life and some from when she was a child.  She always spoke of things that were going on and nothing negative except when she broke her knee three days before my wedding. She was really angry about that and the “ugly’ cast on her leg and how it was interfering with her plans.  Very cute and sweet letters for sure.  There is one from when Norah was born and we were moving to Rotterdam. She talks about Norah and how Tim was so attentive to her etc. Really so sweet and nice to read and remember.

What is going to happen in the future when our current young people have no letters to read from when they were little since it is all on line and will be deleted when parents or grandparents pass away.  I find that to be sad. Knowledge, personal knowledge will be lost for ever.  Letter writing was an art and sad to say it has been a very long time since I have written a letter or received a real letter.  But technology changes things and I guess the young folks will never even know about letter writing.  They won’t even know how to write as time goes on since typing will be what they do or talking into a speaker that will type for them.

Anyway, let’s see what Pat is up to now that she is in England.

22 Cdn Gen Hosp
June 18, 1945

Hi dears:

I got your parcel today. Caught up with me very quickly I think. It was simply wonderful.. The tomato juice is perfect. I think I will take it on leave with me. I needed the kleenex badly and I loved everything else. Thanks a million my pets.

I have a lovely bottle of “orange” liquor for you.. Captured Jerry stuff and very potent and terribly good. Charles gave it to me with a bottle of gorgeous brandy and a bottle of champagne as a going away present.   All lute but nothing but the best. I am going to bring it because I’m afraid if I send it, it will break.

How are the babies? Dad says Paul is practically grown up already, I love his name.

Tell Mother for me, not to bother writing me anymore because it must tire her and I will soon be home. I wish she would stay well.

I am going to Torquay Fri. Will spend Wed and Thurs down with Sheila then south. I hope it’s warm. Tell the family in case I don’t write – I might write but we can’t post letters in civilian mail boxes. That’s the catch.

I was talking to a Merrist (Marriot)? lad who is a pt here. He lived up the street.

Well dears, you have a lovely summer ahead of you. I do hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again, all my love Pat
The radio on the ward is on all day . It’s so wonderful!!!!
I found this picture on line of a postcard from Torquay.. No wonder she was excited to go there.

Torquay "The English Riviera" a holiday destination this provided the ...


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