May 22, 2015 – addicted to the network & Back to England

Hard to believe it is going to be warmer up here than at home.  They are telling us there will be frost in some areas.  Wow, hard to believe.

I had such a nice day.  I got up and showered early and then was cleaning, using the vacuum and did not hear a knock on the door but when I looked out the door later lo and behold my wonderful neighbor had left me two vases of flowers for the school house for tomorrow.  There was a gorgeous vase of lilacs and a small one of Lilies of the Valley.   I will take a picture of them so you can see how lovely they look and will make the air smell so lovely tomorrow.

Then before I took off for Brockville I hear a call and there was Sheila and Jacques checking in about when I will be here to receive the row of desks they are going to donate to the cause.  They are little kid ones so will be much fun for the girls this summer if they want to play school.  They both looked wonderful and were heading home to cover up their veggie plants.. Good idea I think.

Then I headed to the quilt show in Brockville.  It was lovely.  I have never seen so many gorgeous quilts. There was everything from place matts to King size bed quilts. Carol had about 6 pieces on display and they were beautiful.  The cost for a bed size quilt is about $250 or more. They are worth it.  Not many were for sale.

After I left there I went to Canadian Tire, the liquor store, Michaels and a grocery store.  Then I headed home with my wine, So Delicious Coconut milk bars from the freezer, and other goodies for tomorrow.  OH and I bought two mum plants to put on the front porch to make it look cheery and welcoming so I hope those of you up here will come and visit me and see Mikes paintings.

It was a wonderful day but I never had lunch. When I got home gluttony was on my mind so instead of the chicken I cooked yesterday I popped a meal in the microwave that I had bought – Mac and Cheese with bacon from Udi’s gluten free foods. Yup, and it was very yummy.  Took me very little time to eat it all up and then I looked at the calories and the salt content and almost fell over. Not as bad as eating half a bag of cheetos last night but really now. Bet I gain a few lbs this week if this behaviour continues. Where are you Norah when I need you to give me a lecture?

So, let me look and see what kind of letter we have from Pat today.

22 Cdn Gen Hosp
BL c.a.o.
June 11, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad:

I have been posted to this hospital. It probably will not be for long but until I go home. It’s at Bramshott and quite near London and I’m glad to be here.

I saw Sheila yesterday. Phoned No 13 and learned she was on leave in London and the hotel. So Marg, Sheila and I went up and found her. Bill Rolsfan was with her, a grand lad. We all went out to dinner, it was wonderful seeing her and she looked very well. Shall see her often now.

Had a good trip over. Stayed at Ghent one nite. We crossed the channel in about four hrs.

Hope your all well. Will write a long letter soon but must get unpacked now.
love and kisses,

I also found this blog about hospital #22 in Bramshott.

pictures of the school house

display may 2015 DOO 2015 entrance display may 2015 school house 3

view from the door SH 2015


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