May 21, 2015 – I am freezing – what is the date?

This morning it was lovely outside but I figured it would be nicer in the afternoon so I decided to finish cleaning the school house for the big event this weekend.  So I swept, vacuumed, washed off spider drippings from the floor, cleaned the window sills so pictures can look good on them, put table clothes on the tables and set up displays.  It was great. Then in the middle of all that I remembered that my grants I am scoring are due back in DC by tomorrow – so, I thought I will read the final one outside.  That would be nice – some sun and finish up reading.

WELL…. I go outside and sit in the sun and break out in goosebumps!. I mean really. It is May 21st and a lovely sunny day. Vey deceptive really it was. The gentle breeze blowing through the trees was a cool breeze. After five minutes I threw up my hands and gave up. Found a sunny window to sit in and read the grant inside.  Talk about frustrating.

So, all 8 grants are scored and evaluated and commented on as best I could do and on their way to DC. Well, actually they are probably in DC since I hit and button and they were there.  These were very frustrating just like last years.  Why don’t people know how to follow directions?  What makes them think if they move things around the way they want them that it will get them points? How dumb we humans can be.  There are bullets provided so as you write your answers if you bullet them the scorer can easily read them and figure out your answer. But no some folks combine three bullets and it is hard to figure out what is the answer to what!  I think the pain I am feeling in my neck is not from cleaning or typing but from frustration that some very well written grants with great plans will not be funded because of the way they wrote and ignored the directions.  Sad but true.

Tomorrow I am going to a quilt show to see my cousin Carol Lynch.  She is showing her quilts which are gorgeous. I cannot wait to see her new ones.  Then I will get myself some lunch, get some copies made at a copy store for saturday and head back and go to dinner at the lake.  Sounds wonderful to me.  I am also experimenting to see how much of my on line time I use up watching a show on netflics.  If not so much then Denis and I can continue to watch the killing during the summer if we don’t finish it before he comes up.  We just finished season 2 and although it took forever to get there at least we know who did it now.  If I had been reading a detective novel I can assure you I would have gone to the end and read the last chapter already. It has been tempting but I did not do it. Blame it on the ADD… cannot wait for things to happen..

So on with Pats letters.  Her sister Liz is her sister Eileen who had just had a baby on May 22 – the lovely Susan.

8 Cdn Gen Hosp
June 4, 1945

Hi dears:

Tell Liz congratulations for me. I will write her soon. So glad it’s all over and that she is well.

Got Dad’s letter. You didn’t tell me if you liked the snaps I sent. Sorry Mother had int. flu. Do hope she took sulphaquanadine. Clears it right up.

I am returning to England this week sometime. Shall go on leave to Ireland immediately so if you don’t hear from me that is what I am doing.   I shall miss Holland or the Continent very much.   We have been here 11 months.   I imagine Sheila will still get over. I’ll write you my new address as soon as I know it.

Have been travelling around the country. Charles took me to Amsterdam and it’s a beautiful city.  Also to Hamburg a long trip – it’s completely wrecked. People in the former place would pay anything for cigarettes or food. They followed the jeep in mobs. Poor things.

Charles had a conference in Brussels and he brought be back three wooden boxes containing tomatoes, strawberries and cherries. The fruit was wrapped in wool and cost a small fortune, but it was so good. 1 ½ yrs since I tasted any or more I guess. He paid in our money about $20. And there was just enough for maybe three people for one meal. Amazing isn’t it.
The rats are dreadful. They eat everything in sight unless its in tin boxes. I’ve hid things everywhere and still they find it, but that will be all over soon.

it’s been raining for three weeks now. True Holland weather, that sunshine we had was a mistake it seems.

Fr. Sweeney came down for 48 hrs. Took me all over – Mary S and Molly Spahn too. They are both darling girls. You will meet Marg. She is coming down after we get home.

Love and kisses and I’ll send you my address stat. Pat
here is a blog post about a correspondent who was in Hamburg right after it fell. Interesting reading.

Susan is in the middle, I am on the left and Maureen is on the right..sue__moe__and_margie


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