may 20, 2015 – oh dear so much to do

I just realized the date. I have two days to finish scoring those federal grants. I thought I had until next week. Oh dear, that is what happens when you stop looking at the calendar.

My email brought me today an opportunity. A high school student at our school who writes for their newspaper wrote and asked me about the substance abuse by teens at our town festival which is an alcohol and other drugs free event.  My basic feeling is that our middle class well educated adults are so over protective of our children that we are in denial about anything negative they do.   And because of preserving our reputation our community leaders deny that there is any problem.  Kids will be kids etc.  If that is so why do we have a drug free school zone – if we know they are going to use and no one is going to give them any consequences for using then why have any rules? And if that is okay then let’s do away with speed limits on the roads since most of us push the limits then why have any limits.  Every adult I spoke to since Saturday has heard about some student using during the day or evening.  No mention of any students being given appearance tickets for using. Yet adults knew they were using and some told law enforcement. Substance abuse prevention takes everyone in a community working together. When will that happen in my community? We have a Federal Grant to try and get it to happen but I hate it when the leaders are slow to get on board.  It prevents so many initiatives from happening.

I want to share a wonderful blog item from the Albany Times Union written by Rabbi Matt Cutler. He is a fabulous person and as a community we are so lucky to have him with us.  He wrote this about his son graduating from college.  My husband could totally relate to this as could I.

I had a lovely drive up to Canada this day.  The skies were blue for a while, then it rained a little bit then back to gorgeous skies and temp about 60.  After getting unpacked I grabbed one of my new books and some lunch and went out on the deck and read for a while. Also called my two cousins to check in. The loft looks great – floor is in and I can tell work is happening with the spindles going across the front.  And I now have two lovely hand rails for getting down the stairs which are very steep.

Tomorrow I will score the final grant and clean the school house one final time to get ready for Saturday. Set up the displays and the sign in books etc. I want to get some extra copies of the raffle tickets since I never knew what they were for before but now that there is something from here in them I want to make sure people fill them out and I will take them to Brockville and turn them in.  I love this coming weekend. I meet such interesting people and sometimes learn more things about my little building.

Now on to Pat. Here is the next letter from her.

8 Cdn Gen Hosp
28 May 45

Marye, my love:-

Happy birthday, do have a lovely day and buy yourself some little thing from me and tell me what you get.

Things are very quiet now.   No 8 is going back to Canada but I won’t go with them.  Eventually I’ll return to England.  Have spent two much time on the Continent to stay but not enough to go back to Canada.  After all I’ve only been over 1 ½ yrs and it wouldn’t be fair to go back before people who have been over longer.  But No 8 is getting first choice I believe, so I could if I tried but everyone will be home by fall or Christmas so it doesn’t matter.   Marg Steele is staying too so we will go to some hospital together. She is perfect. I do want to go to Ireland on my leave, and I will get one as soon as I hit England, so should make it.

It will be funny without the unit. After eating, sleeping, working and being social with the same people for 1 ½ yrs under these conditions – one gets used to them but that’s the army for you. We had a unit dance on Sat nite. Really quite nice. I loved being with the boys, much the nicest people in the unit.

Sheila will probably come over here as I go back to Eng.

Hope your well and happy Marye, my pet and looking very glamorous in your summer frocks. Write me soon dying to hear how Liz is. Tell Dad I sent him his parcel.

Love and kisses, Pat


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