May 19, 2015 – and the mind goes —– Where??? & WWII ends well almost

I woke up this morning and had the greatest idea for a blog post. I went through it in my mind and continued to think about it as I lay in bed. Then I got up, took a shower and you know what? I don’t have a clue what I was thinking about. Guess it goes along with the whole idea that getting old sucks…

Anyway, I went to the school budget vote and worked at the N-CAP table talking to people about what we do. Got to see so many old friends of both my own and my kids. All these parents of teenagers who are now in their late 30’s and early 40’s who graduated at the time my guys did.  I love working on voting day.  But also had some tough conversations about somethings in our town that are upsetting. Not unusual things for a town like ours but really one just has to wonder when the adults are going to wake up to the fact their looking the other way is not good for young kids. And also the recent introduction to nastiness in our school board elections.

I don’t care if you disagree with someone who is running for school board. If you don’t like them then go to work for another person running and work hard for their campaign. Don’t put up anonymous nasty sites on line about the candidates you don’t like especially when all that is said is not the truth.  I don’t ever remember in the 36 years I have lived here such unpleasantness as in the last couple of years.  One thing that it shows is that our adults are not worried about role modeling bad behavior for their children.  Really quite a shame.

Then this weekend at our wonderful community event as always there were some youth drinking. But it seems this year there was something different about it.  I personally saw one young man passed out on the grass way away from the activities. Luckily he had someone who was picking him up but he was very sick with alcohol poisoning and I told his friends they needed to get him medical help because he could die in the condition he was in.  Since I have not heard that anyone died I guess someone took care of him.  But there were kids passing around a water bottle which would not be normal behavior. There were other things going on but the big question it brings up is what do you do about it? We live in a community where kids drinking is tolerated and when they are found out rarely are there any consequences.  Everyone covers up for them.  I guess it comes down to we will have to wait until one of the kids kills themselves before parents will react.  The last time they reacted was to blame the school because a students was drinking vodka in class and spilled it all over the floor and other kids were in the woods between the school and town hall smoking and possibly drinking. Not once but every day.  Parents wanted to know what the school was going to do about it etc.  The only thing they never responded to was if your child is bringing alcohol from your home to the school who is really responsible??? And if you children are smoking in the woods, who needs to do something about it other than the school???  I think one of the problems is that parents are so busy today with jobs that dealing with these issues is just one more thing they don’t want to have to face.

One very enthusiastic mom said to me about a program that was held with support from N-CAP for athletes had some good representation from some teams but little or none from other teams. This mom blamed the coaches for not making it mandatory for youth to attend. Yes that would help, just like mandatory code of conduct nights in other districts in our area and mandatory pre-prom programs in the schools in our area, but I have been told over and over again that we cannot do that in this community. Guess we are too special for things that promote healthy change.

Anyway, guess I am in rant mood and should be writing letters to our community leaders – so will stop writing and put up another of Pat’s letters..

8 Cnd Gen Hosp
23 May 45’

Hi dears:

Had a letter from Mother in Valleyfield. She told me you got the snaps. So glad – they didn’t take long, did they?

Nothing new – there are parties every day nearly, I’m not too interested in them. Cocktail parties in the garden, buffet suppers, dances in the wards, nothing else to do – I don’t go unless I have friends of my own here to entertain.
I go to S’Herlo’ about every second nite to dinner – that is the only place still open around here, but the dinners are very good and the place is lovely.

I spend a lot of my time pondering over European and English politics. Europe is in a h ….(ell) of a mess. We get Eng papers and that I might say is about the only thing I like about that country. The freedom of the press – Belgium is fighting against having Leopold back and rightly so, Holland isn’t too sure about its so called dear Queen and I freely agree.

At last the truth about Poland has come out – and even tho is demanding what he will not get and then I nearly died when I read that there will be a general election in July in Eng. If that Gov goes in again it’s a crime, and my blood pressure rose when I read how the members of the German High Commission are being treated with courtesy in defeat because the English can’t forget that war isn’t a football game where the winner shakes hands with the loser. Eisenhower has the right idea or always has had but do they listen to him. Goering and Van Rumsdall and Hess and Doennitz and Kisselring and Jodl living in fine estates etc. Oh I could go on for hrs. I see red when I think of them and every month will lull the people into a “let’s forget it” mood – they have to find the evidence against Goering, nuts I say. Will they never learn.
I broke my pen and this one is dreadful so my writing is foul. Love and kisses, P.


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