5-15-15 – I really like the way that looks

Don’t you love it when numbers kind of line up in a special way and knowing how long it will be before it ever does that again.

Actually quite a lovely day today so I washed the bathroom floor, put somethings back in the kitchen that have been on the dining room table for all these weeks of reno. And in between I washed two small loads of wash and hung them out.  LIfe of the retired old lady.  Also started packing again. Leaving my sweetie to head north again next week. Not sure when I will be back but for sure by June 1.

Since we are going to a friends for dinner this evening I thought I would write now, after lunch as I sit watching the breeze in the green trees, I hear a lawn mower going somewhere and I wonder about when the rain will arrive. But instead of rambling I will jump back into WWII.

I find it fascinating that she isn’t more off the wall about the end of the war.  She is already looking for a new career and more adventures.  This was a woman who loved an adventure that is for sure.  Cannot wait to find out more about where she was and who she was with when I get to where I can do research.

No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
May 7, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad:

Had your letter, Mother, telling me about Kae’s wedding. So glad you stole the show!

I’m back on the old day shift and not working too hard I might say. I am with the Canadians that we have though so I am happy and we get a lot of time off, so I’m having a rest.

Thurs a.m. when I came off nites, Charles and I went to Antwerp and had a marvelous time. Visited the Corso Club and were greeted with open arms. Even the pianist and violinist came over to shake hands with us and the violinist played a couple of pieces I like standing beside our table. I had a corsage of lily –of- the- valley and I adored every minute of it all. All the blackouts and brick walls have been taken down in front of the hotels etc and it looks so nice. The manager of the Corso Club told us he had to pay 6,000 francs to have his two window drapes cleaned and repaired. That is $175.00 and to get new ones, it would have cost 50,000 francs so he had them cleaned. Isn’t that terrific?

We came back Fri to celebrate the end of war. The people in Holland were wild with joy.

Have we any Spanish books? I want to study it. When I go home I’ll take a short course in it. Then try to get a job with Imperial or Standard Oil and go to South America to some spot with them. Could you send me a book to start. I should have some knowledge of it.

If I vote it’s definitely for C.C.F. I think they are doing a good job in Saskatchewan and anyone is better than the Libs. Don’t you agree? love to everyone. Pat


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