May 14, 2015 – back on track

As much as I hate taking antibiotics at least I no longer am in pain and being tortured with alternating chills and warmth.  And I had a good sleep last night and feel more human today. Just still frustrated with all the pills.

So instead here is another of Pat’s letters as the war was coming to an end….

No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
May 3, 1945

Hi dears:
This is my last nite on nite duty, thank goodness and tomorrow we are going to Antwerp – probably for the last time what with the war news so good.

Italy surrendered tonite. Amazing isn’t it. How in the end these countries are conquered – and all for nothing. The stories I hear about the Germans increases my loathing for them every day. The towns the allies do not wreck are booby trapped as soon as the army passes through so the rear men are blown up – the “flame throwers” recalled and the towns demolished. Not one German can be trusted no matter what they are like.

Charles gives me his Coronet, Readers Digest and New Yorker every month – and I was reading tonite Bob Hopes story about his tour.   He gave more pleasure than any other person in the war to the boys, you know.   I thought I would died laughing at it.   You should read it if you haven’t. It’s in Coronet.

I sent you some pictures – I enclosed them in a book I had also a small present for Mother for Mothers Day, so you can be on the look out.

More and more of our doctors and nurses are leaving. I have made a lot of nice girl friends over here and I do hate seeing them go. My turn won’t be for while yet but it’s coming up by degrees.

Hope you are well and happy. My mail is reaching an all time low these days. In fact it is practically non –existent from home I mean. There’s always my public. L&K Pat
As you can see things were getting slower this month 70 years ago.  I have been reading about all the commemorations this month over in the Netherlands.  I really want to go over and see that place but first have to get to Ottawa to find out if they have the diary of the hospital with the actual places they were stationed so I can plan to go to those places.  That is my June plan or if I am feeling much better maybe the week of the 26th of May.  We shall see…

Wereldfeiten: Groot feest in Antwerpen na capitulatie Duitsland (1945)

World War II: The Fall of Nazi Germany


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