May 11, 2015 – Wonderful Women

Yesterday was Mothers Day.  I think I remember buying my mom orchid corsages when I was young and maybe she got a Whitman’s Sampler.  I bet my brothers remember better than I do.  She was one of those people who did not really believe in the need for a Mothers or Fathers Day.  She seemed to already feel that if you loved your mother all year you did not need a special day.

My Mom was a sweet person.  She did not like conflict, she took care of all of us and gave up so much of the things she loved to do such as painting, and playing the piano and violin.  She was a very talented person.  She certainly worked so hard for all of us.  She dedicated herself to helping her sons who had learning disabilities to be successful and found things they loved to do that they could feel good about themselves and she tutored and coached them through school.  And as adults they all were successful in their chosen careers and have wonderful families and committed marriages.  As community members they have also given back to others in so many ways and their children are the same

Today we went to a funeral for an old friend.  Sr Caroline Krebs died from a stroke in January.  The Dominican Sisters chose today to have her funeral in NIskayuna at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center.  For me the afternoon flooded me with memories.  Denis sang in the Choir when Sr. Caroline was the music director. They welcomed myself and the four kids so that we could go to Mass as a family.  It would be Sunday and those who had been on retreat were joined by the five of us.  Norah sometimes played with them also, a tambourine which I did not remember..

Christmas Eve with the nuns and regular folks was always special.  Several years the Brennan kids played the Holy Family – sometimes willingly and other times not so much.  It was just lovely thinking about those special times. Caroline always had a lovely smile and often a good laugh  Denis blossomed as a musician which was good for him. He gave it up when he got serious about pursuing the PhD but for the years we spent there as part of that community it was such a special time.

And now when I am there and Sr. Sue is leading the musicians and running the house I just smile.  We met Sue on a youth group retreat from the church when she was 14.  She brought her guitar and she and Denis hit it off and played together.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are still friends.  We watched her grow up into this fabulous  person who touches so many lives along with the other nuns in their order.  Such a wonderful part of our lives.

Sr. Carolyn Krebs, OP


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