May 9, 2015 – gorgeous day up here.

Well, my days here are over for now.  I have been straightening up a little more but figure in 10 days when I get back I will finish getting it ready for the summer.  We are going to have Ron do the railing upstairs to code which means it will look like a jail as the posts are so high. Almost to the ceiling of the living room. Maybe I will have to find a way to decorate them – put up some of my flags and purchase some more – Acadian, Irish, Canadian, American, Scots. I suppose depending on what my DNA comes back with maybe a French flag as well.  We could rotate them in and out.

I got a great gift today.  Sheila C was going through some old material and found a group of post cards that were sent to Long Point back at the end of the 1800’s.  Some to Grandfather, Aunt Ellen, Charles and Emily etc.  Nice little grouping. Adds to the items I already have here.  Will scan them when I bring the scanner up and then put them up for all to see.

Hopefully when I get back here the floor will be in upstairs and the railing so I can get some strong fellows to come and help me put some furniture up there. Want to purchase an area rug and figure out what pictures to hang up there. Don’t need curtains since it over looks the woods.

Sheila brought over her friends to see the school house. She has a row of desks for me.  They are the little ones so that might be quite fun to have them out there. Sol and little Bear would each have a desk to sit at and play school.

Well, I am going to have to get back to scoring grants for the Feds which has been taking up a lot of my brain energy this week.  If they were all great it would be easy.  I hate looking for the answers to questions when the writer decides that they don’t have to follow the order of the bullets. Testie is mild as to how I react.

Following is a letter from Pat and some pictures of the liberation of Belgium.   Here are pictures of the liberation of the Dutch at the end of WWII.

I thought I would skip forward to this time in the letters 70 years ago.

No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
April 27, 1945

Dear Mother and Dad:
Had a letter from Mother and Dad. Thank you very much. Of course I was disgusted at Mother falling – guess I’ll have to come home and look after you.

I am on nite duty but things are very quiet. Mostly P.O.W’s I told them tonight the Russians had taken Berlin and they said “oh good, good” What else could they say.  My hatred for them increases daily.   I hate giving them food etc when I hear what they do to our boys.  I don’t know what we are saving them for.   They still believe in Germany and Hitler to a great extent.

We still don’t know where we are going. I am quite content not to go into Germany. It would be no picnic.

I get up each day and go in the garden and lie in the sun. Our social life isn’t too good because everyone is too far away but I don’t do badly and I like the rest in a way. Next Thurs when I come off Charles is coming down and we will go to Antwerp. Then we hope to make Paris in May sometime. That of course is my greatest hope.

So nice Kay is married. She had a lovely wedding I know. You’re all having a lovely time attending weddings.   Who will be next?   Mother’s suit is beautiful I can imagine.   I do hope Sheila gets to Ireland.  She will adore that. I hope I get there sometime. I will if I ever get another leave.

Haven’t heard from Marg for ages. How is she? I write her often. I ‘m glad you two write often.  Mother writes such a wonderful letter and I know it must be tiring on you both, my pets.
love Pat


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