May 4, 2015 – 80′ you have to be kidding

I could not get over the temp when I went to the drug store today.. my car said it was over 80 outside.  No wonder I am tired feeling.  I don’t like the heat… It has always sapped me of all my energy.  It was a lovely day and I so enjoy going out in the morning to hang up clothes on the line.  Today it was sheets.  Last wash before I run away for five days. Not much of a break yet but the long days are coming.  I cannot wait to sit on the deck and watch the cars drive by, listening to the birds in the trees and the peepers in the pond up the road at night, and seeing my buds. You all know who you are….  I love my extended family so much.  What a lucky person I am.

For the next two weeks I am going to have an adventure evaluating federal grant proposals.  Scoring them I guess is the correct term.  I did it for the first time last year and really enjoyed the process. The check at the end was nice but I would have done it for free.  Don’t tell the Feds.  It will just about pay for my trip to Salt Lake City in the fall.

I am assigned to read and score 8 grants.  Last year it became obvious pretty quickly that some folks just don’t know how to follow directions and their scores were terrible.  I felt awful about some of them because they had done good work but just did not follow directions.  I have not looked at the first four yet to see if that is going to happen again this time.   If not then the scoring will be much more interesting. Trying to be impartial, no bias for any reason and just scoring based on their responses to questions.  Each year I am sure they get better as the word gets out about what not to do. But we shall see.

My biggest issue today was the computers and the program they have the paperwork up on.  I could not get them to print from this computer and had to get out the ancient lap top I used last year to be able to print out the forms to score on and the pages of each grant that I have to read.  Going to be interesting to see if I can upload the final reports when the time comes next week.  If I can get the first half to upload then there might be hope for all of them.

Once I get settled up north I am going to put out some things about Canada and the Netherlands in 1945.  I am quite excited to get back to it.   After all I believe I left you all hanging on sometime in the fall of 1944.  Pat was in France and starting to move north as the troops liberated various towns and areas.  And when I am north I will be starting to set up my writing corner so I can work on my book about Pat and her adventures.  In June I will go up to Ottawa to the War Museum to see if I can get a look at the documents relating to her hospital to find out exactly where they were and what dates they actually moved up etc.  Should be fun learning all of those things.

Lovely evening, rain might be coming and we could use a little, not too much as the farmers said at the farmers market some fields still are too damp to be tilled.  We would like for our farmers to have a wonderful growing season.

Will write tomorrow from the Great White North,,,



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