May 3, 2015 – Another lovely day

I overslept again today which was not a good thing.  Had 20 minutes to shower and get dressed and out the door. Made it in 30 minutes.

Today our church celebrated the Jasim’s becoming American citizens.  It was very nice.  Sarah who is 4 was very cute. She decided when the Eucharistic ministers went up just before communion that she would join them. Before anyone realized what she was doing there she was up with the adults looking very serious and holy.  It was very sweet.  Then when Fr. Bob came down to give communion to the two little girls receiving for the first time he offered Sarah his hand and she accompanied him down from the alter and he brought her back to her seat.  It was great.  She was quite pleased with herself.  I leaned forward and told her if she sat and was very good I would take her to get a donut at the end of the mass.  So she happily sat until the end.

It was just so fitting that so much was going on this morning and Father Bob’s sermon about the vine and the branches.  We are in such a dynamic parish it is wonderful that so many people are doing so many things to make it a vibrant community.

As much as I don’t like St. Baldrics hair cutting, we did have a soccer team of 6th or 7th grade girls who raised 16,000 for childhood cancer treatment, much that stays locally to help families with children going through treatment. Fr. Bob was among those who had a shave yesterday.  The family that started that here in the capital district are part of our parish.  Then today was the CROP Walk for raising funds to feed the hungry. There is a team from St. Kats walking in that event.

I love to look around our church and see all the young families and the teens who are so involved.  They work in the soup kitchen, build houses for Habitat etc.  Learning valuable life lessons.   We are so lucky at the moment to have Fr. Bob as our pastor.  I think all of us have a terrible fear that one day they might move him and that might cause this entire feeling to collapse.  He brought us back from the a troubled time and has been a wonderful leader.  He has energy and spirit and thankfully is non-judgemental and believes this is our church and gives us the ability to do things that we feel need to be done.  If only all priests felt that way.

So much for my religious life.  I did not intend to go down that path.   After coffee to celebrate the Jasims we headed for the Farmers Market which was outside for the first time this season.  It was wonderful to be walking out side and seeing all the beautiful plants and food items.  We went to the Chatham Bakery to get me my favorite gluten free items and then to the farm from Hoosick Falls that I like to support.  I just enjoyed walking around.

Then  we ran into Jim and Elaine Troy. She is retiring from the Health Department after 24 years.  I just may call her when I get back in town to see about getting together.  I always liked her so much when we did projects together in Troy. She was full of good ideas for things to do.  Just really nice people.

At home I showed D how to run the washing machine.  So many buttons yet very few one really needs to push. I hung the clothes when they were done washing and did some reading and playing soduko and packed my suitcase for the week ahead. I plan to leave most of the cloths up at the school house since I will want them when I am there.

Tonight we shall watch another of the episodes of “the Killing” which is driving me nuts. I want to find out who did it, why etc.  I cannot believe they went three seasons with this show and dragged on telling who did it.  If I were reading this as a book I would be reading from back to front by now.  Yes, I do that. When I get frustrated with the pace of a book I don’t stop reading it, I go to the back and read last chapter forward.  Once I figure out what happened then I can go back and read to the end again.  The pace of this TV show is just too slow. Sort of like Lizzie figuring out her past year by year on the Blacklist.  At least there they kill off some bad dude every week.

So, a good day was had by all I think.  Although I see on Facebook my lovely daughters two puppies destroyed her garden today just after she spent the time planting.  Oh dear, those sweet puppies reek such havoc… They need more training I guess or cayene pepper to chase them away.

Enjoy this fabulous spring weather.  My body has not adjusted to the increase in temperatures but will soon I hope. 75 degrees feels pretty hot to me sitting outside and yet I know higher temps are coming.


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