May 2, 2015 – good and sad day

Today I slept in – went to bed early and got up late. My kind of day.  Actually accomplished quite a bit.. two laundries, sorted out old towels, Dish towels and sheets to give away, and got shopping done so I think I am ready to head north on tuesday. Or maybe even late monday afternoon. Filled with such excited anticipation. I cannot believe I have not been north since last august.  I would imagine that is the longest I have been away in more than 20 years.  I miss it so much.   I feel like my soul is fed when I am there.  Maybe the spirits of the ancestors or maybe just being out in the country.

I had plans for tomorrow to meet up with my old friend Marjie Snodgrass Decker.  She is in the east helping out her son and his wife babysitting with her husband for their granddaughter for a week or so.   We had thought we would get together for dinner tomorrow evening so the guys could meet and we could do some catching up.  But unfortunately her son was in the ER and appears to have something the matter so they cannot leave him.  Hopefully they will find out it is a minor something and if they are still around next week after I get back I will scoot down there to say hi.

When we moved to Seattle Marjie and I were in the same classes together at John Hay School.  She lived at the end of our alley across the street.  We did sleep overs and the ones at her house were the best.  I think I remember that she had a room of her own since she had a younger brother and a baby sister.  The neatest thing was her dad. He made pancakes on saturday morning and they were in all kinds of shapes. I was so impressed by his talent, and they were good.  It was such a treat. My dad did not cook at all and when he did it was terrible.

We would go to the park, or wander around down to the play ground.  Or just hang around each others houses.  Those were such good years and there were several girls in our class who lived less than a block away so when we could we hung out.

In Junior High I was in a spanish grouping so did not see as much of Marjie as in the past but we still hung out from time to time.  In Jr. Hi I also got into hanging around at the Ice Rink, it was the center of our social life for my 9t grade year.  My brother played hockey and was a rink rat – cleaning the ice – so we got great seats a the hockey games.  It also provided some great social life.

So now I have tomorrow to do things  Packing, making sure I have the food I want for the week etc.  Suppose to be a good day so will teach Denis how to use the new washing machine so he can use it while I am gone.

Since we are celebrating the freedom of the Netherlands you all might want to do some reading about it. The Canadians played a huge role in freeing those folks from the Nazi’s.   I am going to go forward in Pat’s letters and start putting out there when she had to say around that time.  Just need to get myself back together to do it.


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