April 29, 2015 – Y is for Yesterday

I was torn on this one between yesterday and yarn.   Yarn made me think of my mother and my aunts. always knitting and my daughter who has self taught herself to knit wonderful things.  But it could not go very far..  There have always been knitters in our family I suppose but I don’t really know if that is so.

But yesterday, what does that mean to me?   Being an amateur genealogist, thanks to my brother John, cousin Mary and my mom and dad, I am obsessed with family history.  And history is all about yesterday and all the yesterdays before.

Nothing makes me happier than finding that next person back in a tree. Finding out what happened to those orphaned cousins, where did they go, who raised them, did they survive?  Life going forward is a question, life going backwards in hunt for information.  The story.  What is my story? Where did I come from? Why am I the way I am?

Finding out along the way where my RHneg blood came from has been fascinating to me. As I read her history I am sure Emily McArdle was the source and from talking to other newly found descendants I can be almost positive that I am correct.  Before that I just knew my mom, my grandfather and I all had it. Now I know more.

And the English – I have learned over time that the English are responsible for almost all my family relations. Why you ask? Well, they drove my people out of their homes and on to ships that brought them west when by fate or dumb luck people came together and down the lines eventually there was me.  If they had all stayed in their unsafe little towns and lived wonderful lives there my Scottish, Irish, french ancestors would never have met, had families and well the rest as they say is history.

What I love about yesterdays is when some of our younger generation contact me to ask about family history, names, dates and some story.  They are usually in ninth grade and have the assignment to write a family history. I also like it when my children say things like I need to take these blogs and make them into a book for the family since there is so much in there that they did not know before. And I like it when my cousins ask me to put together some of our family information into booklets so their children will know their history.

Being brought up by parents who told me my history and made me proud of it was the start. But then I realized we all want to know where we come from.  I love that I can have a family tree on line and keep finding documents on line and adding them to it. Thank goodness for the internet and all the cousins I have met all over the world that would have been impossible to find with out the net.  We traveled around when we were children and never lived near family so I believe that is at the heart of my love of this work. I like feeling close to family. I love my cousins and the friendships we have. I love watching third cousins on the beach playing together not understanding how big that is. So I will forge on with this endevour.


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