April 27, 2015 – W is for worldwide family

The last name Laughland is fairly rare. Most of us come from Ayrshire in Scotland and the main three places you would find Laughlands was in Kilmarnock, Stewarton or Glasgow.  Our branch hails from  Kilmarnock. They appear to have been there for many generations going back.  But James born in 1832 and his wife Ellen Cuthbertson had a large family of 11 children and the sons it seems decided to take their tailoring skills and move away from Kilmarnock. This was the beginning of the Laughlands of our line moving out into the world.

William moved to Southampton England, and from there one of his sons went to Canada, one daughter Nellie went to Australia, a son to France, one daughter is said to have gone to Argentina but I cannot figure out those records at all.

One of the Kilmarnock sons moved to near Southampton to set up a tailoring business and the another to Liverpool England.  Then we have sons who moved to Tasmania, to South Africa, to California, to Australia, to Oregon and to Turkey.   There are still many Laughland’s in England and Scotland but there are a fairly large number in the US and Canada.  We are not sure how we are all connected but for sure we figure if we went back far enough there has to be one central old gr gr many times over gr grandfather of us all. And no not Adam….. but some old bloke in Scotland.

My Dad traveled for Burroughs Welcome all over the US and Canada.  Every town he visited one of the first things he did was check the phone book and if there were Laughland’s listed he called them up. Some folks just blew him off but most were very welcoming and as a result he connected with the Laughland’s out in Manitoba.  Their ancestors appear to have left Scotland before any of ours. They have a long history in Hartney Manitoba but now members are also in Ontario, BC and other places.  The connections we made with them have lasted my life time. Margaret Laughland Jones and I have been corresponding since I was fairly young and we like the fact that we have the same names. There are lots of Margaret’s in the Laughland line.

He also stayed connected with his family in England so that when I was in my 20’s and going over to Europe touring around I was welcomed into the homes of my Grandfathers brothers and my Dad’s first cousins. It was hard to believe we had all that family over there that we had never met.  How lucky was I to meet Gillian and Linda and their mum Pat and her husband Fred who became like family to me over the years.  Such wonderful people. I also got to see the home where my grandfather grew up and one of James’ brothers and his wife were still living in the house.

Also got to meet cousin Norman who’s sons lived in Canada and we had met they and their families. I don’t think at the time I realized when meeting them they were my dad’s first cousins.  Since he never seemed to have family around it was strange that he had that family.  They lived in Canada but spoke with English accents since they had come over in the 1950’s

In 2003 a bunch of us decided with the help of the internet to find as many Laughlands who were willing to meet up in Kilmarnock for a weekend event.  It was grand fun. There were folks from Turkey there. Originally from England but now cousin John and his wife have a bed and breakfast on the coast in a lovely little area.  They live what appears to be an ideal life down there.

Also at that reunion I met some just lovely other cousins and have enjoyed building relationships with them. Barbara Reid and I have the common hobby of genealogy and have become fast friends.  She is a bit older than I am but lives a completely busy life which is fabulous.  She and I exchange info as we gather it up. She has been able to get all the documentation for our family tree in Scotland which I have not been able to from here.  That helps me to make sure my info is accurate.

My cousin Bill who lives outside of Ottawa in Richmond where my Dad had lived for a little while when they returned from England had lived in India when his father was a doctor with the British Army.  After leaving there they ended up in Canada.  He is one of the ‘distant’ cousins. He and his wife Ann visited my folks as they would be traveling to Florida in the winter time etc.

There have been some interesting finds as we have searched the name Laughland over the years on the internet. There was the one who was teaching on an island off of Scotland and was arrested for doing things with children one is not suppose to do.  We figure he is not on our current tree…  But then there are the interesting folks. John Laughland the political scientist who has written books about the Bosnian War and has written for the Guardian. Nick Laughland who’s name shows up on BBC programs as director of some shows. His son Oliver works for the Guardian and is now stationed in NY City, was in Australia before.  Nick’s daughter was in the Harry Potter films and is pursuing and acting career.  Alexa Chung, the fashionista, is my second cousin Gillian’s daughter. I love watching her career as she is obviously a pretty astute businesswoman.  Bruce Laughland, recently deceased, was a barrister in London who took cases to Old Bailey which I guess is pretty important.

There are Laughlands who are doing good things all over the world.  And if you ever meet one they are probably related to me in one way or another.  The ones on the East Coast of the US are mostly my brothers and their children. The ones on the west coast are from Hugh Laughland’s family. The ones in Western Canada are from the Hartney Manitoba Clan etc. In the south of England they would most likely be my relations. In the northern part of England they are from the Liverpool group or one of those other brothers who left Kilmarnock for the Midlands of England. South Africa, Australia, South America, Tasmania, Turkey, those are ours as well.

From a couple of families in Kilmarnock Scotland Laughlands are now all over the world.

Pictures of a variety of Laughlands from all over the planet.

Andrew_Laughland_son_of_William_and_Margaret__Soton_ Uncle_Jim_with_william_of_Ottawa_and_Barbara_Reid Wallasey_Ex_Pats._night_out. William___John_sons_of_William__John_1941__Barbara_and_Ann William_Laughland_& sons Hugh, Andrew, William, James Fred Vincent, William sr. Jim McGuigan, Norman and John__1900 Ann_Jamison_John_1941__Barbara_Reid1946.bmp Barbara_Allen_Laughland___William_Walker_Laughland Blotting_papers. BOB_LAUGHLAND_1900_1959_ Councillor_William_Laughland__of_Southampton John_Laughland__1936__in_Kilts John_Laughland__son_of_Andrew__son_of_Andrew Laughland_Brothers_of_Auckland_NZ__1950_s__John_David_and_William Pat_Laughland_Kimber_Daughter_of_Uncle_Norman Peggy_Laughland_Ledbury__James_Vints_sister picture_from_Wallasey_Laughland_collection Sons_of_Hugh_Cuthbertson_Laughland_of_Glascow Hugh, John, James, and Robert The_Laughland_Family_Crest


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