April 24, 2015 – U is for Unknown

When one studies their family history one of the frustrating things is that you run into “unknowns”. You go back and then eventually you hit the inevitable “unknown” grandparents at some level of great or the spouse of some gr gr gr uncle.  It is called hitting a brick wall and those of us committed to this search love to figure out brick walls.

The biggest discovery my brother John and I made was finding out who our gr grandmother MacDougall really was. She was thought to be a Casey or White with a first name of Christy. Then John found this wonderful fellow on line and he broke the news that her real name was Scholastica Caissie and that people had done the tree back to 1647. Ops another brick wall – where did Roger Casey come from?  So there is another search that many people are working on.

In each of my lines I have unknown brick walls.  Who were the parents of all those gr gr grandparents or gr gr gr grandparents?  Ireland is tough because of the number of churches that were burned along with records. And they were not as vigilante about census records because so many people were not counted and were moved around because of who ever was in charge of the land at any particular time.

I pulled out the unknowns on my family tree.  There are 199 unknown first and last names.  And only two last names that start with U and I did not have a clue who they were.  So don’t think I will be worrying about finding them.

There are really only about 30 that I would really like to find.  Those would be the next step backwards on each family.  To try and find some of those I am planning a trip to Salt Lake City in the fall to spend a solid week of searching records.  Maybe then I can crack one of my walls.

Now as for today – just a note that he guys did not come to sand the floor and put on a fresh coat of Poly. I had moved everything I might need out of the kitchen and now have to move it all back.  Then I went to the doctors and am back on prednisone and antibiotic for lungs and sinus.  Hopefully things will finally clear up so I can enjoy the spring.  I decided not to go with Denis since I seem to wake him up with my coughing at night and worry about him not getting the rest he needs before the big race.  I will be in bed…. here.  He and Dan are watching the Mets vs Yankees and are going to a double header tomorrow in Rochester and then the big race.  Me, I hope by monday I will have stopped coughing, wheezing etc.

Great weekend everyone.


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