April 18, 2015 – P is for Peter Trainor/Traynor

Peter Trainor was born in 1774 in Grangegreeth Meath Ireland. He died between 1851 and 1861 in Kitley, Leeds County Ontario Canada.  We know he is was listed in the 1851 census but not in the 1861 one so figure he died between those dates.  He  attended St. Philip Neary Church in Kitley and that burned down and the records from there were lost and then they increased the size of Bellamy Pond and many of the gravestones are buried under the water, especially the older ones.  Many of his children and grandchildren are buried in the cemetery in Kitley and several of his descendants in recent years have walked the property where their farm was.

Peter was married to Catherine McGuiness.  Their names are on the Church records of Grangegreeth as well as the baptism of their children.  The problem we have with this line is we can find no record of Catherine in Canada. We have no idea if they first came to the US to work on the Erie Canal and then moved on to Canada to work on the Rideau Canal or if they just came over and worked and were able to get some land to start farming.  One of their descendants works for Ancestry.com and has searched far and wide for records to no avail.

Peter and Catherine had seven children.  James Joseph Trainor married Mary Murphy Donovan in Kitley and worked the family farm which was then passed on to James son James. James I and Mary had six children.

George was born in 1805 and I don’t have a good tree for him on my ancestry chart. The same for Peter Trainor and Nicholas. They have remained a mystery to many of us.

John Trainor married Ann Floyd and had seven children and lived his life out in Kitley also farming. His son George  married Elizabeth Mulholland and they lived in  Watertown NY. Descendants of this family still live in the Watertown area.

Catherine Mary married an O’Connor but we can find no information about this relationship.

And Bridget married Daniel O’Connor who is the Patriarch of our line.

Peter must have worked very hard if he brought his children to Canada by himself. It would have been very difficult with young children.  Bridget was probably a young teenager when they arrived if not younger. The boys would have helped their father on the farm and building a house etc.  It could not have been an easy life for them.

One always wonders why did they come to this particular place? Why Kitley?  There was a Rose McGuiness who on one census is listed as learning to be a seamstress at Charles O’Connor’s in Delta, Daniel’s brother. Since Peter’s wife was a McGuiness I wonder if this was a relative and that is why they came there or had friends and neighbors in Ireland moved to Kitley and encouraged him to bring his family there. So many unknowns in the entire story. I will always wish I could find out more, especially about Catherine.  Did she die in Ireland or refuse to leave or get to Canada and then die? What was her story?  Life was so hard for the Irish no matter where they lived.

I have quite a few pictures of our Trainor relatives and graves. Current relatives came to a family reunion in 2002 on Hill Island in the 1000 Islands. Bill Trainor from Colorado, Tom Davis from Wyoming, Helen Carey Krause and others came to see where their ancestors had started their life in Canada. They toured around and since then Mary Kaiser and I went out and visited with them at a Trainor reunion. James II had quite a few children and then in turn had many and as a result there is a very large clan of Trainors in the west and midwest.

toledo_map Tombstone_of_James_and_Catherine_Trainor

Tom_Davis___Bill_Trainor Their_Great__great_grandparents_grave

John_Traynor- Kitley cemetery Mary_Murphy_Trainor

Back_to_Their_Roots Kitley_RC_church


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