April 17, 2015 – O is for O’Connor lineage

I thought for those in my family who don’t know the entire lineage of our O’Connor family I would just review it and  e expand it out a bit.

Michael O’Connor married Joanna Ronan and they had nine children: sons: Daniel, Charles, Michael, Owen, John, Patrick, Timothy and daughters Norah and Margaret.

Daniel is my gr gr grandfather who came to Canada when he was about 22. Prior to that it is said he worked for a while in Sheffield England and then returned to Ireland and went on to Canada.

Charles his brother left Ireland with a wife and four children and settled in Delta Ontario.

Owen we think came to Canada and is listed as a baptismal sponsor for Daniel and Bridgets first child Joanna.

Patrick came over by ship from Ireland heading for Ontario but the ship could not get down the Gulf of St. Lawrence and was put ashore in Nova Scotia at Sydney Mines. I have not been able to find out any more about him but still continue to search for him.

John it is said from family lore that he went to England and returned and married well.

Margaret married a Casey and Norah never married and they both remained in Ireland as did Timothy.

Michael went to upstate NY around the Canton area but I can find no record of his being there in Census so have to search the land records.

Daniel and Bridget had 13 children.  Joanna ( 1831 – 1911) the eldest married Benjamin Slack and had a large family and they farmed at the Slack Farm on Charleston Lake.

Michael (1833 – 1926) married twice, lived in Gananoque after having lived in a farm just over the Black Rapids Bridge from Long Point and in Elgin where he owned an Inn. He and Nancy McDonald had 11 children. My mother and her close siblings were good friends with these cousins because they lived up the street from each other in Gananoque.

Catherine was born in 1835 and died in 1850 – I have tried to find out where she was buried but there seem to be no records.

MaryAnn born 1837 and died in 1844 – the same holds true for her since I cannot find any records about her other than in the family bible.

Ellen (1839 – 1929) lived at Long Point and never married. At some point she followed the family to Kingston and that is where she died.  She was very close to her sisters Annie and Charlotte and to her brother Charles.  When his daughter Madeline was not invited to her brothers wedding in Kingston the Aunts all stayed at home with her as a statement.

Margaret (1841 – 1907) married James McDonald. They lived on a farm at Sand Bay. They had 11 children who because of the closeness to Long Point were close to those aunts, uncles and cousins who lived there. They all went to Church at St. Patricks in Lansdowne.

Bridget Gabrielle ( 1843 – 1937) married Anthony Flood and they ran the Flood Hotel in Delta.  Their children were very close to Charles children and there was much going back and forth between the homes. They had 8 children. Darly their youngest was a nurse who never married and often came and took care of any family members who were ill and needed nursing at home.

Mary ( 1845 – 1936) married John Desmond of Canton NY.  She went over to visit her Uncle Michaels family and John was from Cork as well and might have known the family before coming over. To make a long story short, they ended up marrying and having 11 children.  As you can tell Daniel and Bridget had a great many grandchildren.

Charles (1849 – 1933) married Emily McArdle and built a frame farm house at Long Point which is still standing and has been renovated recently.  They had only two children who lived. It appears Emily was RH neg and lost many children. The two living Fergus and Madeline were born 12 years apart. Madeline was a twin but her brother died.

Annie (1853 – 1942) lived with Ellen after their parents died.  She married John McDonald in 1894. They never had children and had a farm in Sand Bay near many of the other McDonald family members.

Charlotte was born in 1855 and was the youngest of the children.  She married Henry Palmer who grew up in Leeds county but moved to Watertown where Henry was a businessman.  They had one son Leo who went to Queens University in Medicine and became a psychiatrist. He worked around NY State and helped to start the Woman’s Prison system and later owned Stoney Lodge Hospital in Ossining with my Uncle Maurice.  Leo spent most of his summers in Canada and was very close to my Grandfather and other cousins.

So, that is the story of our O’Connor lineage.  I wish we could go back further but so far no luck. It is a history to be proud of. And this is only one side of our family. I think of the braveness of these folks coming across the ocean and starting a new life in the woods, building homes for themselves, finding spouses just amazing. And you look now four/five and six generations later the lives being lived by their descendants. The professionals, the successful business people, teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, engineers, authors, good parents.

1. Daniel and Bridget

2.Charles, Emily, Fergus and Madeline

3. Six of the living siblings of Daniel and Bridget. Long lived group of siblings

4. Family reunion 2002


children of daniel and BridgetFamily_reunion_2002


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