April 15, 2015 – M is for …… me?

M is a tough one to decide on, there are so many M’s in the family.  I thought I would give a short synopsis of a variety of M’s. Denis thought I should write about me so I will do a little of that as well.

M is for MacDougall.  My grandmother was Margaret MacDougall.  My Dad thought I was named after her and my mom told me that in her mind I was always named after her sister Margaret.  My gr grandmother on my Dad’s side was Margaret McGuigan. The MacDougall’s are descended from Roderick MacDougall. A highland Scot’s Catholic who was the assistant to the Bishop Ranald MacDougall in Scotland.  He was born in 1759 in Moidart Scotland.  He came to Canada with or met there Jessie Smith who became his wife. So far I know about three children they had. Roderick born in 1785 is my gr gr gr grandfather.  He married Flora MacDonald.  Their son Donald born in 1820 in NOva Scotia married Mary MacEachern.  Their son Martin married Scholastic Caissie and they were the parents of my Grandmother.  Pretty good tree going back there.  My grandmother left home at about age 16 and never returned home.

M is for Mary O’Connor.  Aunt Mary was a very interesting woman. She never married. Was the sixth child in a family of 8. She got degrees in library science and eventually was employed by the Defense College in Kingston as a librarian. She was well educated and did a good job and at some point she was asked to go on a program called “the course” as the companion to a woman leader.  The Course was made up of elected officials, and other leaders to learn about political etc realities of foreign nations.  Once she started going on these trips around the globe she was able to visit Iran where they had dinner with the shah of Iran, Russia where they visited the Kremlin. She went all over the world meeting world leaders. In various countries she purchased ring that she intended to give to her nieces at the end of her life.  She was very kind to many of us renting us her second cottage at a very low rate so that she could see her nieces and nephews and the grandkids. For years we enjoyed our week every summer spending time with her and the other family members at the lake.   As she aged she became much more testy and in the end caused much pain for many in the family myself included. It is sad since there are many good memories that were blocked out by her hurtful behavior.

M is for Maurice – My uncle Maurice was very special to me.  He was a psychiatrist and in the late 1950’s he and two other doctors purchased Stony Lodge Hospital in Ossining NY. He was always very good to me as was his wife, my GodMother Aunt Jean.  He understood how unhappy I was in my teens and early 20’s. He also told me how much I need to look for help. I was very sad when he died from Hodgkins Disease in the early 1960’s.  But since then at times when I am really under stress I talk to him and he has always guided me in the right direction.  I liked working at Stony Lodge and had a great time with my cousins and family just up the road when we moved from the west coast to NY.

Me – well I am a wife, a mom, a grandmother, a friend, a relative, a prevention specialist, an alcoholism/addictions counselor retired, a teacher once long ago, a genealogist has a hobby, a community activist, and what ever. Not a great housekeeper or a cook. My mom raised me like a princess. She always told me about how her grandmother believed that if you never learned how to do something no one would expect you to do it. I think she was doing that to me as well.  It has always been a handicap for me. Being a housekeeper was a struggle since I had not a clue what to do.  My mom did not like cooking for the crowd in our house so she never really tried to teach us to eat a variety of foods and my brother had several food allergies so I remember being so afraid I would be allergic to foods I never ate so I refused to eat anything different.  So I grew up weird and still am when it comes to food.  it is late and there is enough here.

I don’t know if I have any pictures to add today. need my thumb drive. maybe will add some later.

Maurice_O_Connor article Uncle_Maurice


2 thoughts on “April 15, 2015 – M is for …… me?”

  1. So sorry you don’t enjoy a variety of foods. Speaking to folks in my old hometown, I am thankful to live near a more mixed cultural atmosphere. It’s not all authentic foods, but they are to be found. Best wishes! Oh, and my blog is number 1271 on the A to Z list today.


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