April 12, 2015 – a free day and a fun day

Today we traveled from WAshington DC to Schenectady with the two granddaughters. We were both a bit worried about how that would go but it turned out quite well actually. They both fell asleep by the time we got to Baltimore and then we stopped at the Delaware Welcome Stop and fed them and had a potty break. then they sang songs  and chatted and then fell asleep again until we got to Sloatsburg.  Then I got in the back with them and they had eaten lots of junky food and we played I spy and hangman for quite a while.

After getting here we went over to Tim and Dianes for pizza and brownies. another healthy meal had by all.  It is not after 9 pm and then really do not want to go to sleep. But I told them they had no choice since I wanted to go to bed and could not unless they went to sleep. So it seems a little quieter.  They just play so well together that they could go on for hours just playing.

This last few days has been wonderful.  I had a great visit with my sister in law Billie at her new house which is lovely and comfortable. We caught up on all our news. Then I spent two days with my youngest brother. He and his wife our great hosts and we went to the Barter Theater to see the lovely Sarah starring in the Miracle Worker. She did an incredible job as Helen Keller.  I learned a lot that evening and watching her was just awesome.  She just drew me into the play and it was hard to break away back to reality.

Also enjoyed a good visit with Nell-Marie, Gil, Daniel and Anna.  Since I don’t have a working camera at the moment I don’t have any pictures but the kids were great and we had a good catch up visit. Loved hearing and seeing all that D and A are doing these days.

Then I drove up to DC on the big Cherry Blossom festival day and the traffic was terrible once I got up near the city.  It took me a long time to get the rest of the way. So I was beat when I arrived but we went out for ice cream to sugar me up.  Had a good evening with the kids and now am home again… going to be an interesting week trying to keep up with the A to Z blogging challenge and spending my days chasing after a 3 and 5 year old. But we will survive I am sure. I already have permission for them to go with me to Yoga and for Sol to go with me to Tai Chi.  She will have fun with it. And she can survive an hour there.

Tomorrow we are going to the Pottery Place to make some special items for some special people.  Then we are going to a park or maybe down to the locks to look at the water. They heard about the Mohawk River so am going to show it to them.

That is all for now. Just checking in with you all not talking about ancestors.  I kind of miss not just talking off the top of my head on here. But April is almost half over so in May I will start to jibber jabber all over again. Poor you…. oh yes and back to stories about Pat.

Barter Theater


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