April 10, 2015 – I is for the Ivey (Iven) Family

This is a tale of intrigue and heartbreak.  My Gr Gr grandfathers brother Charles followed his brother to Leeds County Ontario and settled in the village of Delta and opened a tailoring shop.  He had four children – Joanna, Patrick, Julia and Ellen.  This is the story of Julia and her love Patrick Ivey (Iven).  Julia and Patrick fell in love. At some point they “borrowed” some money from him and never returned it.  And they fled to Auburn NY. They had married in 1864 shortly before her father died. I wonder if he died from a broken heart..

Now Patrick and Julia had four children, Joanna, Norah, Charles and John.  Patrick was working in sales maybe. Anyway he took a business trip and shortly afterwards when he did not return Julia received a telegram stating that Patrick had died while on his trip and buried where ever that was.  So the grieving widow knew she had to support herself so she took to taking in boarders and continued to raise her children.  The Iven family seemed to be surviving this terrible stroke of luck.

After a bit there was this boarder John Hughes who was from Ireland and very kind to the family and quite smittened with the young widow.  Eventually they married and had their own child Grace Hughes. And the whole family moved to Rochester.  They were all going along quite well when who should show up on the scene? None other than Patrick Ivey (Iven) who it turns out was never dead.. And he wanted the police to charge his wife with bigamy and annul her marriage to John Hughes.  But after some investigation it turns out that he was not only not dead but he had married and started a new family out in the mid west.  BAD BOY Patrick…

The court in Rochester threw him in jail after a trial and what was poor Julia suppose to do now with two husbands.  I have a letter from her in which she says that the bishop told her that she could continue to live with John Hughes but they could no longer live as man and wife.  And of course being those days, they went along. Poor John, he was such a good man it appears and he loved his wife so he went along. I would like to think that at some point they cheated… I mean really.

This story in the only one we have uncovered from all the family history. No horse thieves, no one else went to prison and of course Patrick does not count since he is not a blood relation. I have found an addict here and there etc but none of this have a trial and go to jail stuff. I like it that way I think, good family, strong ties to their communities etc.  But I do have some pictures for you of Julia, her second husband and daughter and her son, Charles Iven from the first marriage.  They changed the name from Ivey to Iven when they ran away from Canada.

Charles_Iven John_Hughes__Julia_O_Connor_Iven_Hughes_Grace_Hughes


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