APril 8, 2015 – G is for Granny Bert

I know this is probably cheating my own rules but really, I went through my entire family tree looking at first names that start with G and last names as well and you know what? Could not find anyone that I could even write  100 words about.  I like writing about the folks that I have attachments to or strong feelings about.  So I have chosen for G a great little woman who any young woman today could admire for her independence, and mothering skills.

Bertha Mae Simpson was born in 1880 in Chesley Ontario, the daughter of Charles Simpson and Jennie Louise Adams (descendant of the famous Adams family of politicians) She grew up there.  Now I don’t know the whole story of how Bertha Mae met the man of her dreams but he was James Noble Davidson from Dundee Scotland who ended up taking his love out to Esterhazy Sask. where he opened a law practice.  They had three young children and he died of pneumonia in 1912 leaving Bertha with three little ones.  She continued to live there for about 6 years and then went to Ottawa and took a business course and returned with the children to Chesley where they stayed.

Granny Bert raised her three children and two of them went to University and one to nursing school.  The two daughters met Maurice and Fergus O’Connor Jr and eventually the two couples married my mothers two brothers.  Since both couples lived in Kingston even those of us who came to town only once a year or so got to know Granny Bert.  She was a lively little thing.  She also smoked like a chimney as I remember.

When my family moved east and Granny Bert was getting on in years she came to live with Aunt Jean and Uncle Maurice in Ossining NY.  That was great for me because I was 30 minutes away and spent time at their home so I got to know her better than I had before.  I loved sitting and chatting with her.  She was about 5 feet tall at that point and thin as a rail.  Her son James had become a high school principal, her daughter Jean was a nurse and at that point was working at Stony Lodge Hospital part of the time, and Connie had been a teacher before marrying. And the daughters married well – each to a physician who did well.  I had some really good pictures of her but they went away on a website but I do have a couple of them to share.

The summer Granny Bert died I was working as a nanny up in Rhode Island and I got the letter or phone call from my mom that Granny Bert was gone. I remember crying my eyes out especially since I could not go home or to the funeral.  I was very sad that this lovely, fun woman had passed away.  And that my Aunt Jean who was my fairy godmother had lost her mom. So all I could do was wait until August when I was home again to let Jean know how sorry I was.

Just a little bit about Easter.  It was standing room only in the Church but we did get seats thanks to a very nice usher.  We then went home and each cooked ourselves a nice breakfast.  D has work to do so off he went. I worked on blog postings since I have to be away part of this week I need to reduce stress so am taking care of that rather than getting the house put together before I leave.  I also called my brother Milt to say Happy Easter and tried my brother Jim but they were not home.  Since I saw Billy the day before did not feel that need.  I feel asleep on the couch at some point so dinner was late.  I made a pork tenderloin which was yummy and since I cooked it all in one dish in the oven no extra pots and pans for D to clean up.  So all in all a good day. Ended it watching Who do you think you are? it s a good show last night. I wish I could get the kind of help those folks get with their searches.

Well, enjoy the day, here are some pictures of Granny Bert.

Bertha Simpson Davidson Bertha_May_Simpson__1880_1962


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