April 5, 2015 – Happy Easter and Passover

Today is Easter Sunday.  I was born on Good Friday and occasionally my birthday falls on Easter or one of the Holy days around Easter.  Did you know Fridays child is loving and giving? My mom use to tell me that when I was little.  I used to know that entire rhyme but no longer.

It was lovely and sunny when we woke up but it is now clouding up and colder.  Sounds like we are due for some of the snow they had to the north of us yesterday. My niece Dee put a picture on Facebook today of all the snow they had in Saranac and wow, does not look like April.  Although everyone here remembers the May 15th snow that canceled Niska Day back in 2002.  We got a good dose of the heavy wet stuff that day.  Entire day was canceled for the very first time. No Parade, no entertainment and tents filled with crafts and good carnival type food to eat. And no fireworks.  What a sad day that was for the town.

One never knows what mother nature has in store. I am my usual tired self today and procrastinating about getting ready to leave on weds. There is laundry to be done, packing to start and rooms to finish setting up.   I spoke with little brother this afternoon about our plans for thursday and friday. I think we are going to have a very good time. I enjoy visiting with M & M and seeing their kid and grandkids.  Always a fun time. And I know they like having the visit since so often people won’t make the trip to see their place.  I like their house.  It is like a great party house.   If I lived there I would be hosting meetings and having parties since it is a great set up.

No Easter baskets here. I did purchase a Whitman’s Sampler of the dark chocolate variety for the two of us.  I love those candies.  Reminds me of holidays and my mom.

We went to Church and luckily the usher found us two seats. It was standing room only so they were getting seats where they could for the old folks. Tee Hee.  Strange when you sit in a different part of the Church from where you are used to sitting. A completely different view of things. I had to laugh when one of my friends said that her son was sitting behind us.  Her son and my son were friends in elementary school but one day his mom took them to Mohawk Mall for some shopping and she left them on their own and later when she found them they were banned from Mohawk Mall for life.  I had to go to the police station to pick up the criminal son and had trouble controlling my laughter.  The two boys were shooting dagger looks at each other and after I told the police officer what the punishment would be at our house they gave my child back to me and off we went.  Even when the probation Dept called me and I told them the consequences they said there was no need for a visit to our house and they would close the book on it if he stayed out of trouble.  Well today this fellow just kind of looked at me and did not seem happy to see me, just like years ago he and my son were never friends again.  Guess we will never really know who’s idea it was to pick up something and walk out with it but it was just two little boys who wanted to play games and needed the device to be able to do it and since neither mom would buy one they decided to try and get one.  Guess that did not work out well in the short term or the long term.  Today I am sure we would all have been treated as major felons and there would have been all kinds of things done to us but lucky back in those days they realized that boys will be boys and as long as they were scared and would not do it again. …..

This does not sound very Eastery other than that there was redemption in that story.  I still giggle when I think of that day.

I think to end this I would like to put in a pretty picture of Ireland. The scenery is like none other in the world. Just a lovely place and I long to return there. Soon please, soon. I love the clouds and how the sky changes over there all the time, from minute to minute you never know if it will be sunny or rainy or what?  Here as the gray skies move in I know that is what is coming and will be staying, sad to say.

DSCN1473 DSCN1401


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